Bennun & Healey Lucy DB Stereo Jhothi Remix

Bristol-based djs and producers deliver a de-tuned and lazy techno tune

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Bennun & Healey are Bristol-based sound-smith Colin Bennun and DB Stereo’s DJ Tim Healey. Their debut on DB Stereo is all guns blazing with this astonishing single.

Bennun & Healey debuts on DB Stereo with ‘Lucy’ which includes Jhothi Remix.

Penned after a lost weekend at Noisily Festival 2017, Lucy is a slab of future/retro acid tech funk, where a hypnotic groove delivers a de-tuned and lazy techno arpeggio to hook in the dance floor. When the time-stretched “Give me acid” vocal is unleashed, the tune slams back into acid mayhem, with a, double-time arp resolving into a jaw-droppingly funky psychedelic motif.

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