Dom Dolla Packs Out Sahara Tent at Coachella with Nelly Furtado

Dom Dolla's Coachella Set Was a Certified Thriller with Surprise Guests and A-List Spectators

Dom Dolla and Nelly Furtado at Coachella 2024
Dom Dolla and Nelly Furtado at Coachella 2024

The Sahara Tent was the place to be on Saturday night at Coachella. Aussie DJ/producer Dom Dolla brought his A-game for a headlining set that nobody in attendance will soon forget.

As Dolla kicked things off by unleashing his hotly anticipated unreleased track “GIRLS” on the festival crowd, you could feel the electric anticipation in the air. But it wasn’t just any crowd – the viewers went next-level as megawatt stars Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and Ice Spice danced feverishly in the front row.

The vibe was already incandescent, but Dolla wasn’t done dazzling yet. Midway through his set, he raised the energy through the roof by bringing out a legendary special guest: Nelly Furtado!

The iconic “Promiscuous” singer strutted onstage to deafening roars from the audience. What followed was an explosive, generational mash-up as Furtado and Dolla fused her signature 2006 smash “Maneater” with the throbbing beats of Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction.”

You could see Swift, Kelce, and Spice living their best lives upfront, bouncing jubilantly and singing every word as the unlikely pairing united two eras of dancefloor supremacy. It was a surreal, only-at-Coachella moment that had everyone in a frenzy.

But the surprises kept coming. Furtado stuck around to help Dolla recreate their acclaimed 2022 collaboration “Eat Your Man” for a raunchy, pulsating rendition that shook the very earth beneath the tent.

By the time Dolla’s set thundered to a euphoric close, it was clear a new chapter of Coachella lore had been written.

Dolla’s untamed Sahara takeover may just be the start of a weekend burning red-hot with shock and awe.