Black Friday Plugin Deals 2023: the best music software

Your Ultimate Guide to Saving Big on Music Production Tools thanks to the 2023 Black Friday Plugin Deals 2023

Black Friday music sales
Black Friday music sales

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Black Friday Plugin Deals in 2023! As the much-anticipated Black Friday 2023 approaches, the world of music production is buzzing, especially with the unbeatable offers on Black Friday Plugins.

This year, industry giants like Native Instruments are turning up the volume with a jaw-dropping 50% discount on almost every plugin, including the coveted Komplete suite. Meanwhile, Waves is hitting all the right notes by offering three premium plugins for an unbeatable $49.99, with discounts reaching up to a staggering 85%.

Ableton enthusiasts, rejoice! This Black Friday, Ableton Live 11 comes with an enticing 20% discount, and the sweet harmony doesn’t end there – snag this deal, and you’ll be treated to a free upgrade to Live 12.

In this article, we’ll explore the Black Friday Plugin Deals landscape, highlighting the best offers, exclusive discounts, and must-have additions to your digital toolkit.

If you’re looking for headphones, AIAIAI is having interesting deals for Black Friday.

Get Ableton Live 11 for 20% off and get Live 12 for free

Planned for early next year, Ableton Live 12 is just around the corner. But what about a free upgrade thanks to the 2023 Black Friday Delas? Get your copy of Ableton Live 11 with a discount of 20% and you’ll have a free upgrade for version 12 when it drops.

Elevate your production workflow with Ableton 12’s MIDI Generators. Now it can jump-start melodies and rhythms, while Transformations can take them off the main path. Meld, Roar, and Granulator III allow you to create crazy sound experiments and shape the results as you go. With Stacked Detail Views, you can see everything you need, find the sample you’re looking for with Sound Similarity Search, and much more.

Native Instruments 2023 Black Friday Deals

Native Instruments is one of the most known brands in the music production space. For 2023 Black Friday they’ve dropped incredible deals on all their lineup. The entire series of Komplete Bundle is 50% off with the Komplete 14 Collector Edition at 899,50$. This Black Friday deal is super convenient because, if you want to buy every single plugin separately, you’ll have to spend 21762$.

If you’re more into hardware than plugins, the Black Friday Deals include up to 66% off Keyboards. You can also save 200$ on Maschine+ and 80$ on Komplete Audio 6.

Native Instruments Komplete Bundle 2023 Black Friday Deals
Native Instruments Komplete Bundle 2023 Black Friday Deals

Waves Audio: 6 Plugins for 99.98$

Probably the most famous music software house, Waves Audio has discounted every single product for Black Friday 2023. They have a special deal running: 3 plugins for 49.99$ and 6 plugins for 99.98$. Even the Platinum, a collection of 60 plugins for professional music production, mixing, and mastering, is down to 149.99$ instead of 1999$.

If you were looking for the iconic SSL G-Master Buss Compressor you can get it for as low as 29.99$, the same deal as the CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter.

Elevate your Mixing and Mastering Skills with Ozone

If you’re a music producer, you’ve definitely heard about iZotope by Native Instruments. It is one of the most diffused plugin bundles when it comes to mixing and mastering. For this year’s Black Friday, the Music Production Suite 6 as well as Ozone 11 Advanced are off respectively to 494 € and 329 €.

Plugin Boutique Black Friday Sale

Owned by Beatport, Plugin Boutique is one of the biggest music plugin portals on the web. For 2023 Black Friday Plugin Boutique has a series of offers that start from as low as 5 $.

You can have the entire Korg collection for 50% off for just 228€. The iconic FabFilter Pro-Q 3 plugin is also down to 24% at 128.87€.

Melodyne has also a competitive price thanks to Black Friday Plugin Deals; it is down to 59% for just 100€.

Check out Plugin Boutique for more.