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Discovering Paradise: Flaner Klespoza’s Musical Journey in “Czarny Kokos” (Black Coco)

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Flaner Klespoza, a talented musician with a passion for unique and immersive experiences, recently unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, “Czarny Kokos” (Black Coco).

The album, composed of nine tracks, is a testament to his dream come true.

Klespoza embarked on an extraordinary journey to a tropical island to create his music, and the result is a mesmerizing blend of natural sounds, melodies, and rhythms that transport listeners to an exotic paradise.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the creation of “Czarny Kokos,” showcasing how Klespoza’s dream became a reality.

Flaner Klespoza - Czarny kokos (FULL ALBUM)

Chapter 1: A Dream Awakens

From the very beginning of his music career, Flaner Klespoza had a dream – to craft an entire album on a tropical island.

He yearned for the experience of waking up by the ocean, swimming, sipping coffee accompanied by cicadas, and letting the island’s natural beauty inspire his music.

However, his obligations, working for a corporation, had pushed this dream to the back burner. It collected dust on a “shame shelf.”

Since I started recording music, I’ve dreamed about going to some tropical island and making the whole album there. Somewhere, after waking up each day, I could jump into the ocean, swim, and afterward drink coffee in the accompaniment of cicadas. After this pleasing start of a day, my entire time I could spend on creating unless I had no inspiration. Then I could wander around the neighborhood with a recorder, in search of some interesting sounds. Just like that betwixt morning and evening.

Chapter 2: The Awakening

One winter evening, something stirred in Klespoza’s soul. The usual smog in Poland irritated his nostrils, and a sneeze became the turning point.

This sneeze was the catalyst that reignited his dream. He decided it was time to take action, or the dream would fade away entirely. He started selling unused possessions to fund his journey to the tropical paradise he envisioned.

Chapter 3: The Quest for Paradise

Klespoza’s search for the perfect island took him on a virtual journey through beautiful tropical destinations. He ultimately chose a place with sandy beaches, swaying coconut palm trees, a tropical climate, and exotic plants – his paradise. With a one-way ticket in hand, he embarked on a journey of a lifetime.

I lost some savings on the way, but finally, I found my dream place. It was clear water, wonderful beaches, and completely empty, so I was able to swim naked without worrying that someone might be staring, I want to point out that I am a quite shy boy. I lived in the jungle with a breathtaking view of the whole island and easy access to the most wonderful sounds I could record while sitting on the porch. Soon, I also got used to sharing the space with various creatures, from insects eating geckos up to fist-sized spiders often hunting under the bed. I slept with cockroaches and evenings I spent with moths, beetles, wasps, or hornets, attracted by light. Together, we listened to frogs. I didn’t only get friendly with mosquitoes, but they were quite well put off with incense, yet not enough not to get new bites each day. Sometimes I saw a bunch of monkeys sleeping on a tree next to my cottage or fury squirrel-looking friends jumping on palms. Also, mice, rats, colorful birds, and many kinds of hens, extracting worm-covered pasta lying on the ground. Rarely, but I saw snakes I feared the most. But it was enough to learn to mind each step, and they were getting away themselves.

Chapter 4: The Island Odyssey

Upon arriving at his chosen tropical paradise in July, Klespoza encountered unexpected challenges.

He found the place inhabited by tourists that didn’t align with the tranquility he sought. It took him some time, wandering through beautiful and sometimes horrifying places, to finally discover the perfect island for his creative retreat.

Chapter 5: Embracing the Jungle Life

Klespoza’s new home was a picturesque setting, with clear waters, pristine beaches, and abundant natural sounds. He shared his space with various creatures, from insects to snakes. He adapted to the ecosystem, even befriending the mosquitoes who seemed to be fond of his incense.

After a few days there, having found my daily rhythm with a new microbiome and new little roommates, I began to make music. The time was going fast, and even faster came the end of my holidays. But I made my decision not to come back, not before I recorded the whole album. I had not spoken a word to my manager, moaning about upcoming deadlines and projects, all with no bigger sense in the middle of wild nature. So each day, for a few hours, I was logging onto my company’s laptop to click something, even though it seemed absurd.

Flaner Klespoza "Czarny Kokos" (Black Coco)
Flaner Klespoza “Czarny Kokos” (Black Coco)

Chapter 6: Musical Awakening

The island life began to influence Klespoza’s music profoundly. He embraced the rhythms of nature, incorporating the sounds of wind, rain, cicadas, and more into his compositions.

He worked diligently on the album, each track representing a different facet of his island experience.

In fact, my entire energy was focused on the music at the time. I thought that if I was to be fired, that was the right place to be. I stopped worrying about my “performance” being proper, and I began to create sounds. In the mornings, I loved to jump into the sea, lying on my back, drifting in my own thoughts, admiring swimming clouds and palm leaves dancing in the wind. Later, I was catching noises from the wind, rain, cicadas, birds, and dogs. I edited them on a computer and placed them in my tracks. I composed new melodies and programmed new rhythms. I was writing a new story. Piece by piece, the album was getting shape, starting to live, up to the point where I could buy my return ticket.

Chapter 7: A Leap of Faith

While Klespoza could have been concerned about his job, he remained undeterred by professional responsibilities.

He focused entirely on his music, utilizing his company’s laptop to meet the bare minimum requirements.

His island paradise became his sanctuary of creativity.

Chapter 8: Crafting “Czarny Kokos”

As Klespoza woke to the serene sea and absorbed the natural wonders surrounding him, he composed, edited, and shaped the music that would become “Czarny Kokos.”

Each track was a piece of the island’s heart and soul, expertly intertwined with his own musical genius.

Chapter 9: Dream Fulfilled

With the completion of “Czarny Kokos,” Klespoza achieved his long-held dream. He transformed his initial inspiration into a reality, allowing the island’s enchanting allure to infuse his music with a unique flavor. His music captures the essence of paradise, and each track tells a story of his tropical journey.

The Tracklist:

  1. Tropikalne wiatry (Tropical Winds)
  2. Jaskinia w dżungli (Jungle Cave)
  3. Tajemnice porcelanek (Cowries Mysteries)
  4. Dryfujący bambus (Drifting Bamboo)
  5. Śpiewające cykady (Cicadas Singing)
  6. Przygody dzikiego psa (Wild Dog Adventures)
  7. Podróż cyklonu (Cyclone’s Journey)
  8. Zielone kraby (Green Crabs)
  9. Tańczące palmy (Dancing Palm Trees)

Conclusion: A Musical Paradise

“Czarny Kokos” by Flaner Klespoza is a testament to the power of following one’s aspirations. His journey from corporate life to a tropical paradise exemplifies his perseverance and devotion to his work.

The album not only immerses listeners in a world of natural beauty, but it also serves as a reminder that aspirations may become a physical reality with passion and determination.

“Czarny Kokos” is an ode to the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to follow their ambitions.

Flaner Klespoza - live @ LAS Festival 2023