Electric Forest Plug In Program
Electric Forest Plug In Program

You can now join Electric Forest Plug In Program 2024. What’s that?

Electric Forest’s 2024 Plug In Programs empowers fans to contribute directly to the festival’s magic. From art installations to radio hosting opportunities, attendees can engage in workshops, charity initiatives, and creative contests, fostering a vibrant community rooted in inclusivity and self-expression.

Electric Forest has announced all of its popular Plug In Programs for fans to take part in before the sold-out 2024 event on June 20–23. Electric Forest’s Plug In Programs give fans, who are better known as “Forest Family,” a one-of-a-kind chance to participate and work directly with the festival’s production teams. The aim is to build a close-knit community of fans and improve the experience for everyone who goes.

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Plug In Programs at Electric Forst 2024: 7 events for an unparallel experience

Electric Forest’s 2024 Plug In schedule has more than seven events. Every one of them is meant to reflect the festival’s values of acceptance, community, creation, and openness to everyone. Plug In Programs are a call to various creators, from designers and artists to musicians and people who want to be radio hosts. They offer chances for content creators, builders, teachers, party planners, dreamers, and everyone else.

Art installation

Electric Forest’s art installations are an important part of the event every year. They are also the best-kept secret until people get there. The Art Installation Sponsorship Program gives artists a chance to use their imaginations to make forest-themed art installations come to life. The program is now in its 12th year!

Luminarias are dedicated to spirits whom we welcome to join us in The Forest.
Luminarias are dedicated to spirits whom we welcome to join us in The Forest.

Learn at The Brainery

At The Brainery, learning is very important. These experiences come to life through workshops and classes given by the Forest Family, for the Forest Family. There are many ways for fans to learn together at The Brainery. They include play, movement, crafts, panel talks, meditation, meet-ups, and more. Some brain panels will be programmed by Her Forest, which is Electric Forest’s empowerment group for all Forest Family members who identify as women.

Do you have a wish?

The Wish Machine asks Forest Family to “Plug In” and promise to do good things in their community to spread happiness in exchange for an Electric Forest wish. Over the years, this call for Forest dreams has led to thousands of inspiring promises. This year, 2024 is no different, as The Wish Machine just gave its first Wish of the year.

Chelsea and David are special education teachers who have been going to Electric Forest together since 2016. They asked HQ to help them plan the wedding of their dreams; it was a fishing-themed rave at The Chapel within The Forest onsite, in exchange for their group promising to give meals to Conscious Alliance every day. Chelsea and David’s crew are working together to give about 1,000 free meals to people in need in the neighborhood.

In honor of Chelsea and David, Conscious Alliance has also promised to match their crew’s donation, giving an extra 1,000 pounds of food straight to the people of Rothbury!

Electric Forest
Electric Forest

We’re on air! The radio program at Electric Forest

The Electric Forest Radio On Air ExtraordinAIRE Program, which started last year, gives people who want to work in radio as hosts, techs, fan interviewers, and more a way to get experience. Through this program, Forest Family can work with the EF Radio team to make material that will be played on EF Radio during the event and all year long.

Some of the things that Electric Forest’s Plug In Program has to offer are the Art Installation Sponsorship, Brainery Workshops, Her Forest, Wish Machine, and Radio On Air ExtraordinAIRE Program. Chapel Parties for the People, the Sticker Design Contest, the Prize Cart Remix Contest, The Discovery Project, and Luminarias are some other programs that are now taking entries.

Since 2011, Electric Forest has been dedicated to constantly exploring new ideas about what an event can be. This careful and creative approach to planning and putting on shows has helped build one of the most dedicated festival groups in the world. We chose Electric Forest as one of the best 4 festivals to go to as a foreign student.