Mind Against remixes TSHA & NIMMO’s 2021 song “OnlyL”

Mind Against
Mind Against

Mind Against, the Italian electronic duo, adds a new twist to TSHA & NIMMO‘s hit 2021 song “OnlyL.” The song was first released by Ninja Tune.

The long-awaited new version of “OnlyL” keeps NIMMO’s mesmerizing singing. It also turns the song from an artistic dance-pop song into a rich and layered cinematic piece. The remix adds deep, resonating bass and soaring, crunchy arpeggiated synths that take the cut to a new level.

The new track is out now on Mind Against‘s brand-new label, HABITAT. It’s also the duo’s first self-released track since starting the label last summer.

Mind Against’s amazing take on “OnlyL” strikes the perfect balance between restraint and excitement. Their cut lets NIMMO’s vocals soar while encasing them in a platter of lively beats. The whole vibes show off the duo’s signature skill at adding texture and depth.

What’s HABITAT? Mind Against new chapter

Their newest sound treat is out on their label HABITAT. Since it started in the middle of 2023, HABITAT has released a wide range of records. They all come from up-and-coming electronic music artists such as Sam Shure, Dyzen, and Sideral.

Alessandro and Federico Fogini, better known as Mind Against, are two Italian brothers. They now live in Lisbon. They have made a name for themselves in the world of dance music with their emotionally rich sound palette. With their deep and immersive take on house and techno, as well as their masterful “all-night-long” shows, the duo has become one of the most sought-after and praised acts in the underground dance music scene.

The goal now is to take their HABITAT project to the next level. The idea is to combine music with a powerful art-focused A/V show. It will debut and be brought around as a series of events in 2024.

The first-ever HABITAT label showcase by Mind Against will take place at the Roundhouse in London on April 6. Live sets from Recondite, Dyzen B2B Sideral, Eli Verveine, and Mind Against themselves will be played at the event.