Carl Cox Ultra Miami
Carl Cox Ultra Miami

Why Carl Cox won’t play at Ultra Music Festival Miami

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Everyone was asking why Carl Cox‘s name isn’t on the lineup for Ultra Music Festival 2024 in Miami. Cox is a legendary figure in the field. In a recent Instagram post, he explained why he won’t be at the festival and reassured fans that it wasn’t because of a problem with the festival but because of important personal and global responsibilities.

Carl Cox is focusing on global events and personal commitments, not due to any issues with Ultra. He plans a special show for Ultra Music Festival 2025 and can be caught at ULTRA Australia and RESISTANCE Miami in the meantime.

We analyzed the full announcement on why Carl Cox won’t be at Ultra Miami 2024

Carl Cox’s name has been linked to Ultra Miami for more than 20 years. He has put on 19 exciting shows there. He has been an important part of the festival’s past. But Cox won’t be at Ultra Miami this year.

In his Instagram post, Cox talked about how much he liked Ultra Miami and why he was leaving to look for other chances.

Importantly, Cox’s choice to skip Ultra Miami 2024 does not mean that he has a problem with the event. His message, which he sent along with RESISTANCE and Ultra, shows that the famous DJ and the event organizers understand and respect each other.

Cox’s news also hints at the upcoming big party: Ultra Music Festival 2025, which will be the event’s 25th anniversary. He hints at a “extra special” show for the event and a much-anticipated return to the Ultra stage the following year.

In the meantime, Carl Cox fans don’t have to give up. Hi will play his first show at ULTRA Australia in Melbourne on April 13, 2024. He also promises an exciting set at RESISTANCE Miami at M2 on May 3rd.

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