Brunch Electronik Debut to Debut in Los Angeles

Brunch Electronik Announces Debut USA Editions in Partnership with Minimal Effort and SBCLTR. Touching Down in Los Angeles on July 6th and September 21st

Brunch Electronik
Brunch Electronik

Brunch Electronik has announced its first events in the United States will be held in Los Angeles. It is planned for July 6th and September 21st.

Brunch Electronik‘s US launch will give fans the unbeatable daytime, outdoor experience the brand is known for, with the best house and techno DJs playing music.

Sunday afternoon in Barcelona

Brunch Electronik started out as a weekly party on a Sunday afternoon in Barcelona in 2013. Since then, it has grown into a world-famous music project. It now hosts events in cities like Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Lima, and São Paulo.

Last year, they also held their first festival in Barcelona. Brunch Electronik skillfully combines forward-thinking lineup curation, gastronomy, and sustainability efforts. They create welcoming and diverse communities on their dance floors. The event is known for its lively atmosphere and creative programming.

Who’s behind Brunch Electronik in the U.S.?

Minimal Effort, based in Los Angeles, has become a must-see for dance music fans by putting together carefully chosen groups of world-famous electronic musicians in unique places across the city.

As a key part of the underground scene in Los Angeles, SBCLTR skillfully blends top-notch production, unmatched musical curation, and world-class hospitality to bring sophisticated electronic music experiences to people all over the city. SBCLTR is committed to creating immersive, experimental environments for its events.

A little Barcelona in Los Angeles

Southern California’s sun-drenched landscape will be the perfect setting for the launch of Brunch Electronik, making it the perfect place for outdoor partying that is what Brunch Electronik is all about. In the next few weeks, the full musical schedule will be made public.

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