Korolova teams up with MotherEarth for ‘Nightshapes’

'Nightshapes' features Tyoz and it is out on Captive Soul label including a remix from Bigfett

Nightshapes‘ ft. Tyoz is Korolova‘s first song of 2024. She teamed up with Dutch DJ MotherEarth. The tune is now available on her Captive Soul label.

Nightshapes” has become a strong favorite in Korolova‘s recent sets. The dynamic duo grabs fans’ attention from the first note on with plucky progressions and bouncy bass. The melodic singing of Tyoz and larger-than-life laser-style synths create a moment of pure dancefloor euphoria.

Excited to share ‘Nightshapes’ with you! A collaboration with Korolova and Tyoz, it’s a track that celebrates the beauty of life, including the mysterious side we sometimes fear. Seeing the fantastic reactions from the crowd during live shows is simply incredible. I take pride in being part of this track. I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me. Let the magic of this track touch your heart & mind! – MotherEarth

I’ve been in love with this track ever since it was an unfinished demo, and it’s been so exciting to see Korolova and MotherEarth perform it in so many different places, as well as the way people have been receiving it. Very excited for this release – Tyoz

The boss of Captive Soul also asked the Brazilian producer Bigfett to do a remix. The young producer adds his own style to the production and takes the track on a darker, deeper trip into the techno realm. It is a great contrast to Korolova and MotherEarth’s original mix.

When Korolova invited me to remix “Nightshapes” I fell in love with the vocals and the amazing production skills from her and MotherEarth. Making this remix is a great representation of my friendship with Korolova and I knew exactly how to give the Bigfett touch to this banger. I hope you enjoy it – Bigfett

Korolovahas became one of the biggest stars in melodic house and techno in a very short amount of time. In just the past year, the innovative producer has put on more than 100 shows in 20 countries. She got over 100 million views on YouTube for her captivating live streams and racked up over 50 million audio streams with her melodic works. Korolova is going to have another great year in 2024. Her mesmerizing sets and beautiful music will continue to amaze fans all over the world.

Nightshapes” by Korolova ft. Tyoz and MotherEarth is a dynamic melodic techno house track celebrating life’s beauty and mysteries. With plucky progressions, bouncy bass, and larger-than-life synths, it creates dancefloor euphoria. The remix by Bigfett adds a darker techno twist, offering a compelling contrast.