Parra for Cuva
Parra for Cuva

Parra for Cuva drops ‘Mimose’ and unveils upcoming album

Parra for Cuva, the famous German electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist, is back with “Mimose.” The song is the first extracted from his upcoming album.

This airy track is the first taste of the singer’s fifth studio album, which is also called Mimose and will come out in April 2024.

People associate Parra for Cuva with the spirit of wanderlust because of his unique sound. It is a mix of analog and digital electronic music creation with a wide range of instruments.

The upcoming sound trip takes listeners to a place where Caribbean steel drums and ancient Zimbabwean instruments blend. Everything is paired with melodic soundscapes to make a 12-track LP that will inspire people all over the world.

We spent all in all three wonderful months in Liguria, Italy. Some of the songs were written there, others at home in Berlin, and some on the road. It all started in a garden hut within a little Italian village named Grimaldi- and since then the spirit of this place never left me. I would like to dedicate this album to the beauty of traveling, to friendship and family, to good food and drinks, and of course to the wonderful time we spent in Liguria and that’s why this record is called ‘Mimose’. Love, Nicolas.

The title track, “Mimose,” is meant to capture the feeling of being away from home and exploring new places. It’s a warm and flowery song.

Mimose gives listeners an interesting first look at his upcoming album. It combines heavenly vocals with synth-fueled melodies to make a nostalgic and captivating title composition.

It shows off Parra for Cuva’s skill at creating immersive soundscapes that take listeners to faraway places.