Inside Glitterbox Lineup for 2024 Hï Ibiza Residency

haka Khan, Kerri Chandler, Jayda G, Busy P & more. Disco and House Music Heavyweights Take Over

Glitterbox Hï Ibiza
Glitterbox Hï Ibiza

The heart of inclusive house and disco is coming back to the White Isle this May. For the seventh year in a row, Glitterbox will cast its spell over Hï Ibiza, which is without a doubt the nightlife heart of the Mediterranean. But this isn’t just another residency—it’s a huge celebration of ten years of boundary-breaking fun that has made Glitterbox the center of open and unashamedly happy nightlife.

Every Sunday when the sun goes down on the legendary island of Ibiza, an electric energy will flow through the famous halls of Hï Ibiza.

Leading the way is none other than the legendary Chaka Khan. Her stunning singing and one-of-a-kind stage presence will leave an indelible mark on everyone who sees her much-anticipated July performance. But she’s only the tip of the iceberg. Many of Glitterbox’s most famous and up-and-coming stars are getting ready to take the stage.

This season’s lineup is like a who’s who of house music history. From Groove Armada‘s addictive grooves and Floorplan‘s hypnotic sermons to Myd‘s electrifying fusion and Inner City‘s timeless anthems, there’s something for everyone.

Glitterbox fans who have been listening for a long time can enjoy the soul-stirring vocals of Natasha Diggs and the masterful selections of Derrick Carter. Meanwhile, a new generation of shapeshifters such as Makèz, Lev, Zach Witness, and Suze Ijo promise to add their own unique flavors to the transcendent Glitterbox experience.

Glitterbox Hï Ibiza 2024 Residency poster
Glitterbox Hï Ibiza 2024 Residency poster

Talking with the Director of Music and Creative & Production Manager at Glitterbox

I really could not be happier to be announcing our line-up for Glitterbox’s 2024 season at Hï Ibiza. Having such visibility this year as the newly appointed Director of Music, I’ve witnessed the work that the teams have put in and it’s mind blowing – all to ensure we continually raise the bar each year. For me, it really does feel like the perfect blend of the world’s most respected DJs, legends, debutants, and the scene’s next generation of stars. This year will see debuts for Glitterbox at Hï Ibiza from over 30 artists. Every single night across the 23 weeks is insanely strong and I can’t wait to get started! – Melvo Baptiste, Director of Music, Glitterbox.

This year, Hï Ibiza club will have a bold new look, designed by artist Haris Nukem. He has worked with Glitterbox for a long time. This season’s visuals will have a brand-new retro-inspired theme, and the artwork and production will have a bright color scheme that is sure to get people’s attention on the stage.

I’m thrilled to be announcing our return to Hï Ibiza as we celebrate Glitterbox’s tenth year. We’re teaming up once again with renowned photographer Haris Nukem, whose unique vision brings a fresh aesthetic to our 2024 campaign. Additionally, we’re excited to welcome Studio Moross on board for the first time, adding a new dimension to our production. I can’t wait for everyone to experience what we have in store; The team at Hï Ibiza have once again exceeded expectations, taking our stage design to a whole new level. 5th May – the countdown is on! – Amanda Hamilton, Creative & Production Manager, Glitterbox.

The 2024 new Hï Ibiza design

Design agency Studio Moross has been asked to help elevate this year’s club experience to a whole new level. They have created a brand-new set of logos that are inspired by artist Mark Wardel’s recognizable Glitterbox illustrations from the past ten years.

With its unique multi-room layout, Hï Ibiza provides a unique and full clubbing experience. In the future club, no two nights are ever the same. This year, the design and production for Glitterbox will take the residency to a whole new level. The Theatre and Club Room will each have their own unique look and feel. This includes the best production and sound engineering in the business. There is also a lot more to discover. From beautiful terraces to high-end bars and secret parties, there is adventure around every turn.