Eric Prydz [CELL], a brand-new audio-visual show to land at Hï Ibiza

Eric Prydz has announced his brand new live show, [CELL], created exclusively for Hï Ibiza. A 12-week residency, every Monday from the 24th June

Eric Prydz [CELL]
Eric Prydz [CELL]

Eric Prydz is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of live performances, and his latest audio-visual spectacle promises to take the club experience to new heights. Fresh off the heels of his ground-breaking HOLO concept, which left audiences around the world stunned with its mesmerizing visuals and cutting-edge technology, Prydz is gearing up to unveil his latest brainchild, [CELL], at the iconic Hï Ibiza this summer.

For those who witnessed HOLO‘s special adaptation at Hï Ibiza last year, the combination of Prydz’s relentless creativity and the club’s state-of-the-art technology was a match made in heaven. This time, however, Prydz is taking things to the next level with [CELL], an all-new, never-before-seen immersive concept designed specifically for Hï Ibiza’s cavernous Theatre.

To be more precise, we at The Groove Cartel already witnessed [CELL]. The first apparition happened in 2020 at Tomorrowland. Not the Tomorrowland you’re thinking about, the virtual edition. When Covid was still a thing, Tomorrowland brought its festival to the digital world and [CELL], Eric Prydz‘s show, was an exclusive of it. At least, [CELL.], with a dot at the end (could we really consider it different?)

What is Eric Prydz’s [CELL] concept at Hï Ibiza?

[CELL] is an all-new, never-before-seen immersive audio-visual experience from Eric Prydz, designed specifically for Hï Ibiza’s Theatre. Developed from the ground up, it promises a multi-sensory spectacle with an epic soundtrack and larger-than-life stage production that pushes nightlife innovation.

Eric Prydz [CELL.] cover
Eric Prydz [CELL.]

As one would expect from the platinum-selling artist, [CELL] is shrouded in mystery, with Prydz keeping the details tightly under wraps. What we do know, however, is that this multi-sensory experience has been developed from the ground up, promising to deliver a truly stunning audio-visual spectacle that will take clubbers deep into Prydz’s trail-blazing world.

It’s not clear if this will be a new version of the show or just a reimagination of the already showcased at Tomorrowland.

With an epic soundtrack and larger-than-life stage production, [CELL] is set to raise the bar for nightlife innovation once again, cementing Prydz’s reputation as a visionary artist who constantly redefines the live experience. And what better place to unveil such an ambitious concept than Hï Ibiza, a futuristic club that has revolutionized the island’s nightlife landscape with its pioneering technology, cutting-edge production, and unparalleled atmosphere?

Twice voted the World’s #1 Club by DJ Mag, Hï Ibiza has proven to be the perfect incubator for Prydz’s audio-visual experimentations, with its immersive production and bold, future-facing design permeating every corner of the venue.

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