Cult Berlin Fetish Crew Symbiotikka Makes Amnesia Debut

Berlin's legendary kink and fetish party Symbiotikka is coming to Amnesia for a very special one-off party on September 5th.

Stella Bossi at Symbiotikka
Stella Bossi at Symbiotikka

Stella Bossi, Luca Donzelli, and Space 92 will perform in an engrossing, rave-fueled, and hedonistic showcase.

A sexual dress code is encouraged, and there is a strict no-camera or recording policy, so inhibitions must be left at the door. Tickets for this exclusive island debut can be purchased here.

Symbiotikka has been a premier sex-positive rave event in Germany for more than six years. It takes place at KitKat Club Berlin and is recognized for its blend of carefree partying, freedom, and top-notch techno from renowned DJs throughout the world. The audience travels from all over the world to take part in the celebration of sexual diversity, individual expression, and freedom in an environment that is welcoming and inclusive.

Now that magic is at Amnesia, where dancers are invited to freely and without judgment explore their deepest dreams while a sensual techno and minimal soundtrack plays out over the club’s legendary sound system and amid cutting edge audio-visual production.

There is a tight dress code that must be followed at this party because of the artsy focus and the sex-positive option with a playroom, with the individuals behind it urging.

Don’t be shy. There will be no cameras allowed so express yourself through your (un)dresses. Think fetish – loud – metal – rubber – leather – latex – kinky – shrill – colourful – nude – masked – mysterious – artsy – pure rave – free. Forget tracksuit – regular jeans – everyday wear – simply all black – sweatpants.

Stella Bossi, who oversees operations, has long been associated with the party. She is a fierce advocate for techno and the proprietor of the record label The Beat Must Fuck.

She has performed at every significant club and festival and never fails to enthrall the dance floor with her distinctive sounds. She will be joined by the best-selling techno legend Space 92, who is responsible for numerous number-one records. One of the artists in the music industry who is currently in high demand is the pioneering French producer. The legendary Luca Donzelli of Amnesia is last, bringing a wide variety of house and techno techniques to the table.

Do not pass up Symbiotikka’s brand-new Ibiza experience.