Mathame’s ‘NEO’ residency Amnesia Ibiza lineup is stacked!

NEO has unveiled its line-up and promises a distinctive experience from June 7 to July 5, and from September 13 to 27, featuring names like The Blaze (DJ Set), Mind Against, NTO, and Ame.

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Eight dates promise a spiritual trip through sight and sound. NEO has announced its lineup, which promises a unique experience from June 7 to July 5 and September 13 to 27, featuring artists such as The Blaze (DJ Set), Mind Against, NTO, and Ame.

Amnesia and Mathame share a common thread: mysticism, which enhances and empowers both. The nightclub, founded in the 1970s, and the Italian duo always return to their roots to thrive in the present while shaping an original and authentic future that they bring to life.

There is no dispute as to the rationale for this venture. Amnesia has opted to host NEO, Mathame’s new residency in Ibiza, within the HORIZON framework, with the goal of providing the audience with not only a melodic techno event, but also a cinematic experience complete with buildup, development, and conclusion.

The brothers draw inspiration for their compositions from classical music and nature, combining peace and euphoria to create a trip that reaches our emotional core. They plan the set for each performance while keeping the venue’s setting in mind. A festival story differs from one told in a small club. So, we’re curious: what story will they tell in an eight-date residency?

The suspense is apparent. The line-up announcement included a theme for each occasion, which shocked us. These have a profound concentration on which we will soon learn more: foundation, glory, victory, beauty, severity, mercy, understanding, and wisdom.

What’s Mathame’s Ibiza residency lineup?

The first chapter of this musical story will star Anfisa Letyago and Lyke. Mind Against, Olympe, Overmono (DJ Set), Parisi, Laherte, The Blaze (DJ Set), Kandarta, AME (live), B2B Trikk, Brina Knauss, Sona, Jan Blomqvist, Alex Wann, NTO (Live), Pole Position, and special guests to be announced.

A lineup that will surely represent a beginning and end to the connection between melodic techno and Amnesia‘s terrace.