Peggy Gou teams up with Lenny Kravitz On “I Believe in Love Again”

Peggy Gou Lenny Kravitz
Peggy Gou Lenny Kravitz

After this summer hit, Peggy Gou is back, teaming up with Lenny Kravitz for the new song “I Believe in Love Again”. It is part of her debut album, planned for 2024.

The unexpected collaboration once again incorporates Gou’s characteristic 90s rave-influenced music, which serves as the perfect backdrop for Lenny Kravitz’s unmistakable vocals and guitar chords.

Peggy Gou about her single with Lenny Kravitz

The ’90s have had such a huge influence on my music. People know about my love of the dance/house/rave scene from that time but I’ve always been a big R&B fan, and also a huge fan of Lenny. I listened endlessly to his 1998 album 5—my personal favourite—but his whole discography is great, totally timeless. He came into the studio and transformed the guide vocal into magic, writing new lyrics and creating that incredible guitar riff. ‘I Believe In Love Again’ is a strong message of positivity and hope, and we hope everyone feels that when they hear the song. – Peggy Gou

Kravitz’s next album, Blue Electric Light, will be released on March 15. Previously, he released the track “TK421.” He also composed the new song “Road to Freedom” for the upcoming Netflix film Rustin.

Rumors say an album is coming for Peggy Gou in 2024

I Believe in Love Again” is Peggy Gou‘s second single in 2024. This summer the Korean artist released (It Goes Like) Nananana. The tune has been a worldwide phenomenon, amassing more than 250 million streams since June.

Peggy Gou is expected to release her yet-to-be-announced debut album in 2024. Instead of Peggy Gou’s Gudu label, XL Recordings released the song. Gudu  Records have, instead, released Hiver’s EP ’Dream Universe.