Swedish House Mafia former manager Amy Thomson talks about the reunion

Almost 4 months after the unexpected retiring from the Swedish House Mafia managingAmy Thomson is back on Instagram talking about the reunion. In a long post, she described the behind the scenes of the process that took the trio on the Ultra main stage.

On the post, Amy Thomson describes as Adam Russakoff (Executive Producer of Ultra Music Festival) called her saying it was time. One week later they had an agreement. You can read the full statement below.

The post and the description of the pre-reunion are really amazing but we would like to point to the sentence “had not seen each other for 5 years“. According to a 2015 video by TMZ, the trio was already hanging out. Besides that, we’re really happy to know more about how the trio’s back on its feet. At this point, as happened with the One Last Tour, we expect a documentary on the reunion.

Swedish House Mafia are now back together and their world tour is set to take off in 2019. Stockholm, Mexico City, Creamfields, and a lot more stops have been confirmed. Find out more about our article following this link.


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Exactly a year ago today I was walking out my door to my car to the airport to fly to Sweden when @adamrussakoff called me and said come on Amy. It’s Time. And one week later it was agreed. Sat in a room where they had genuinely not seen each other for 5 years. Drinking coffee. 3 months later I was on that stage at 6am in a leather jacket testing lasers didn’t burn the back of them. We never got chance to test the fire would go that high except for one unit, but when it went off and those 3 friends who had not seen each other for 5 years were surrounded by fire which i think is the only photo which shows the booth was made from mirror. Which was symbolic for them and underneath it … it was engraved. (But what did it say ????) This picture came from that phone call which as always was from Adam too early in the morning 🙂 the fire idea came from a meeting where we all said for fucks sake. Let’s just burn the whole thing when no one could decide what to do. Turns out it was one of my favorite show moments ever. ????

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