Swedish House Mafia Unleash Remix Extravaganza for ‘Ray of Solar’

Alex Wann & Sasson, Mau P, Anfisa Letyago, and Tiesto Elevate Swedish House Mafia 'Ray of Solar

Swedish House Mafia press pic 2021
Swedish House Mafia press pic 2021

Swedish House Mafia have set the dance world on fire once again with their latest single, ‘Ray of Solar.’ But what’s even more exciting is the series of remarkable remixes that have followed, turning this already stellar track into an eclectic journey through various electronic subgenres.

Alex Wann & Sasson’s Groovy House Rework

Kicking off this remix journey, we have Alex Wann & Sasson, who wasted no time in putting their unique spin on ‘Ray of Solar.’

Their version of the track, released at the beginning of September, is a masterclass in groovy house music.

With rolling drums and tribal percussions, it’s impossible not to move your body to this infectious beat.

The dreamy melodic house vibes they’ve injected into the track remind us of the signature style of Keinemusik, creating a truly captivating remix that sets the stage for what’s to come.

Mau P’s Hypnotic Melodic Techno Makeover

Just two weeks after Alex Wann & Sasson’s remix dropped, Mau P stepped up to the plate with his official remix.

Mau P’s version takes ‘Ray of Solar‘ into the realm of hypnotic melodic techno.

The synth’s main theme is front and center, driving the track forward with an irresistible energy.

Music is definitely in my DNA but I know for a fact that there wouldn’t be a Mau P without those early influences by the Swedish House Mafia. They’re the reason I went down this path… I feel like every month I have to come up with a quote about another dream coming true, but nothing as insane as this one, that’s for sure. – Mau P

The hypnotic melodic techno lines are a testament to Mau P’s mastery of the genre, making this remix a standout addition to the collection.

Anfisa Letyago’s Fast Minimal Techno Explosion

On September 22nd, Anfisa Letyago added her unique touch to ‘Ray of Solar‘ with a remix that takes things in a different direction.

Injecting the track with her fast minimal techno beats and hypnotic percussions, Letyago creates a relentless and non-stop sonic journey.

Her remix is a testament to her ability to keep dance floors moving with its relentless energy and hypnotic atmosphere.

Tiesto’s Legacy Remix

Last but certainly not least, the legendary Tiesto took the reins and delivered what he described as the “legacy remix” of ‘Ray of Solar.’

Tiesto, known for his iconic trance vibes, didn’t disappoint.

He elevated the melodies to new heights and bumped up the BPM, transforming the track into a high-energy thumper that demands to be played on trance stages across the festival circuit.

Tiesto’s remix is a testament to his enduring influence in the electronic music world.

As the remix series continues to unfold, we can only imagine what surprises Swedish House Mafia has in store for us next.

One thing is for sure: ‘Ray of Solar’ is shining brighter than ever thanks to these incredible remixes.