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Tomorrowland 2019 sells out in around 45 minutes

Info about 2020 tickets: The WordWide Pre-Sale has ended. All tickets reserved for the WordWide Pre-Sale are Sold Out. You can still join the WorldWide Ticket Sale (Saturday, February 1st, 17:00 CET) here or check the Global Journey Travel Packages (with a Tomorrowland Ticket included). Make sure to Pre-Register, also if you already have a Tomorrowland Account:

Tomorrowland 2020 stage hosts have just be announced here.

Tomorrowland 2019 sells out all the tickets in around 45 minutes with an estimate of more than 350.000 people that will join the festival.

We’re used to the speed on how Tomorrowland sells out the tickets but, every year we remain amazed. It’s been a few minutes since the announcement of the completely sold out of Tomorrowland 2019. Last year was sold more than 350.000 tickets (some sources say almost 400.000)  and, this year is no exception.

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People of Tomorrow, the Worldwide Ticket Sale has ended. All tickets for Tomorrowland 2019 are Sold Out. Thank you for your love and enthusiasm.

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With such a request, where can you still find tickets? Well, Tomorrowland is used to sell packages to travel agencies of various countries. We have taken as an example an Italian travel Agency to let you have an idea about the prizes and offers.

  • Full Madness Pass (valid for 3 days): € 320
  • Flight + Hotel + Treasure Case: € 390
  • Shuttle Hotel – Festival A / R: € 75
  • Shipping + Customization: € 24
  • Agency fees: € 30

If you weren’t able to buy your Tomorrowland ticket, we would suggest you check a travel agency in your zone and asking for the Tomorrowland travel packages.

if you need only tickets for access to the festival the fastest and best solution is to check the secondary ticket system. Trusted sites are Viagogo or Ticket Swap but, as you may imagine, prizes are usually higher than the official ones (from 700€ above).

The first wave of artists for Tomorrowland was revealed yesterday and the main theme for the 2019 edition will be the return of the Book Of Wisdom.

*Prices and services are indicative and are for information purposes only