Tomorrowland 2023 main theme: Adscendo
Tomorrowland 2023 main theme: Adscendo

Tomorrowland 2023 theme and how to buy tickets

Tomorrowland is opening up a whole new world with ‘Adscendo’. The 17th edition of the iconic festival will take place from July 21-23 and July 28-30, Pre-Registration starts on December 7

Following three weekends of magic in 2022, Tomorrowland is prepared to welcome visitors to a brand-new world in the picturesque surroundings of De Schorre in Boom (Belgium) the following summer. The dates of July 21–23 and July 28–30 will be used for Tomorrowland Belgium 2023. Pre-Registration starts on December 7 via Tomorrowland’s Adscendo website.

Tomorrowland 2023 main theme: Adscendo

What’s Tomorrowland 2023 main theme? The theme of the 17th Tomorrowland will be “Adscendo,” and De Schorre will be transformed into a fantastical location far off in the distance, where in 2023 the People of Tomorrow will witness the ascent of a magnificent tale in the annals of Tomorrowland’s Great Library.

Tomorrowland will push the boundaries of creative storytelling in 2023. At the end of January, a brand-new digital experience will be accessible to everyone who pre-registered as part of revealing the festival’s theme for the following year to the world. As a cherry on top, a brand-new fantasy book has been written over the last two years, telling the full story of ‘Adscendo’. The fictional journey of Tomorrowland is about to reach a significant first turning point.

More information will be provided soon. “Adscendo” will take people on a lovely adventure filled with various surprises throughout the entire year.

How to buy Tomorrowland 2023 tickets?

For a chance to buy tickets during the different ticket sale dates for Tomorrowland Belgium 2023, people will need to pre-register via the Tomorrowland Account. On December 7 at 15:00 CET, pre-registration for Tomorrowland Belgium 2023 opens.