James de Torres
James de Torres

James de Torres: Evolving Soundscapes from Trance to Melodic Techno

James de Torres transitioned from uplifting trance to melodic techno, embracing slower BPMs and a progressive sound. Influenced by luminaries like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, his recent releases, including “Sentido” and “Perseidas,” showcase his evolution as a versatile and innovative producer.

Madrid-born, DJ and producer James de Torres embodies the new wave of electronic music artists. James’s trip through electronic music is as varied as the beats he makes.

James de Torres: the beginning

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, James de Torres was exposed to a wide range of musical styles from a very young age. But it was the hypnotic appeal of trance music that caught his attention when he was a teenager. James started his musical journey after being influenced by big names like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. His journey would take him from the busy streets of Madrid to the lively nightlife of Ibiza and the exciting scene in New York City.

James de Torres developed a unique sound with soaring tunes, euphoric drops, and catchy basslines. James was the voice of the uplifting trance sound for many years. He enchanted crowds with his moving songs and electrifying live shows.

For James, though, the COVID-19 pandemic caused big changes that made him rethink his artistic path. As the world dealt with problems that had never been seen before, he found himself drawn to the moody appeal of rhythmic techno. James bravely moved away from his trance roots and adopted a slower BPM and a more progressive sound. He did this to explore new soundscapes and push the limits of his creativity.

From trance to melodic techno: 2024 James de Torres

In 2024, James de Torres’s next stage of his musical journey will begin. It will be marked by discovery, experimentation, and growth. His most recent songs show that his sound has grown up and that he is ready to try new things. His work with Nihil Young, “Sentido,” is a mesmerizing mix of dreamy harmonies and melodic techno, with spiritual lyrics and a cinematic feel. The track, which was released on Nomade Records, shows how versatile and creative James is.

Along with “Sentido,” James de Torres has released a remix of Velvet Mode‘s “Shadows” on Lelantus Records. He added his signature melodic techno style to the original track. With each new song, he shows his masterful skills in sound creation and that music has a natural way of making people feel things.

James talked about how he and Nihil Young worked together to make “Sentido” and gave more information about their artistic process. “Nihil is a beast on sound design,” he said. “The drop he made really caught my interest.” Their work together led to a song that combines spiritual lyrics with catchy beats in a way that doesn’t sound forced.

Nihil and I were chatting for a time on Instagram, and one day I went to Watergate with another artist friend of mine and decided to invite Nihil to come over. Since then we started a proper friend relationship and started to work on a few music projects. Sentido came as the result of looking for some spiritual lyrics, in this case Spanish language.

Nihil is a beast on sound design. The drop he made really caught my interest. We worked on other alternatives for it but I was really into that one so we kept the first version. The break with the female voice is like a poem and I really wanted to give it that esoteric vibe. We worked in a very groovy bassline to give more rhythm to the tune, mixing a danceable structure with that spiritual lyric. Workflow between us was smooth and easy, I am sure we will have more releases soon.

James’s deep and dynamic melodic-techno track “Perseidas” will be released on ZEF Music in February. It’s on the label’s upcoming album Kaleidoscope Vol. 1. “Perseidas” is sure to captivate listeners with its hypnotic rhythms and carefully crafted synth moods. It will also solidify James de Torres’s position as a pioneering force in the underground music scene.

Looking ahead, James de Torres is still determined to break new ground in electronic music and create new sounds. With each song, he takes listeners on a journey of exploration and discovery.

As James de Torres keeps moving with his melodies, one thing is certain: the best is yet to come for him and his never-ending journey through sound.