8Kays lands on Watergate with ‘Falling Down EP’

Feat. Glowal, Juan Hansen & Abrão. Remixes by Colyn & Beswerda and Chris Avantgarde.


The exciting new music from 8Kays on Watergate Records is a great 2024 start for the label. The slick “Falling Down” EP from Ukrainian sound producer and live performer Iryna Shvydka shows why she’s getting so much attention.

The EP is full of collaborations. For the lively “Matemática,” 8Kays teams up with the Italian duo Glowal. The Brazilian singer Abrão adds her haunting minor key vocals to the track, which is great for dancing. 8Kays teams up with Buenos Aires-based producer and live act Juan Hansen for “Falling Down,” a gripping piece of electronic prog lit up by Hansen‘s memorable vocals and delicate strings. One of those special times at the end of the night.

Dutch duo Colyn & Beswerda dress up “Falling Down” for a different event by giving it a tougher backbone. It brings out all of its melodic flourishes to make a remake that’s both useful and beautiful. Chris Avantgarde, who is the man of the moment, then turns up the heat to eleven by adding his own re-rub, which is bold, powerful, and memorable, just like the producer.

The EP ends with a great solo track by 8Kays called “Lyra.” It’s a dreamy, arpeggio-driven beauty that does a great job of ending the work.

Falling Down EP is out now via Watergate Records.