Track canceled music festivals with
Track canceled music festivals with

Which festivals have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 Coronavirus?

This new startup lets you track your favorite music festivals and events that undergone program changes because of coronavirus pandemic.

Music data company Viberate is introducing a new tool called Sick Festivals, which tracks around 5.000 festivals worldwide and lets you know if they’re canceled or postponed (updated daily).

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc across the world, music festivals are announcing cancelations or postponing dates on a daily basis. This puts an economic strain on not only the performing artists, event organizers, and the teams involved, but also on anyone with flights, hotels, and festival tickets already booked and paid for months in advance, now struggling to get info in time to get their bookings refunded. To help everyone stay on top of things, Slovenia-based music data company Viberate has put together a comprehensive list at, updated daily.

According to Sick Festivals, over 300 festivals have already announced cancellations or postponement. Viberate is helping festival-goers stay up to date, which is essential for those who booked flights, hotels, etc. and need to know as soon as it happens. Sick Festivals is a one-stop-shop for festival cancellation info as attendees continue to modify their plans.

Sick Festival project according to his founder

Just a week ago, I played on the Resistance stage at Ultra in Melbourne and Sydney, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When I landed back home and turned my phone back on, most of my upcoming gigs had already disappeared from my calendar. That was when I realized how serious this outbreak had become in a matter of days. It feels eerily dystopian. Now it’s up to us to do whatever we can to manage the damage. At Viberate, we quickly put together a service that we hope will help people see what’s going on with the festival they had been planning to visit, and shed a light onto the industry professionals’ income loss, which is no laughing matter. – startup’s founders, renowned techno DJ UMEK

Sick Festivals also lets you express your sadness about a particular festival’s cancellation by clicking the sad emoji next to the festival as many times as you like. Feeling devastated about Coachella getting postponed? Click that sad emoji until you can’t any longer. mobile app mobile app