Cash Cash drops ‘Anyway,’ first single after 2-year break

Cash Cash
Cash Cash

Platinum trio Cash Cash makes a comeback with their new single “Anyway” after an almost two-year hiatus. They have teamed up with Irish singer/songwriter RuthAnne, who is a 3x ASCAP winner and has co-written hits for One Direction, Britney Spears, Bebe Rexha, Westlife, and more.

RuthAnne’s vocals match the breezy progressive melodies in “Anyway,” a feel-good dance-pop crossover whose lyrics remind you of those who show you the purest love. The song hits you right in the feelings and is a singalong that you’ll be playing over and over. Continue reading for information on the motivation behind Cash Cash’s spectacular comeback:

Anyway’ is a pure song that wears its heart on its sleeve. It’ll remind you of that certain someone in your life that always has your back no matter what. Period. Sometimes we even downplay how important love can be between our beloved pets. It’s without question that when we hear the hook of ‘Anyway’, we reflect on everyone in our lives that are unconditionally there for us, including our furry friends. That being said, if you’re wondering what that beastly-looking creature is on the artwork… it’s actually not a beast at all and is just a close-up awkward photo of JP’s harmless little 10lb dog Mimzy” – Cash Cash

A renowned electronic music trio called Cash Cash has been touring the world and selling out concerts for more than ten years. The band, which is currently signed to Ultra Records, is made up of Samuel Frisch and longtime friends Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf. Together, the three DJ/Producer/Multi-instrumentalists record, mix and master all of their music. With their several single releases over the last few years, they have had tremendous success.

2021 saw Cash Cash releasing euphonious “Ride or Die” (feat. Phoebe Ryan), preceded by Billboard-charting hip-hop-dosed dance-pop smash “Too Late,” on which they collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and Lukas Graham. The group will maintain its dominance in 2023 with all-new releases and performances.