Eli Brown and Lilly Palmer’s “Gasoline” on Insomniac’s Factory93

Eli Brown
Eli Brown

Got a fresh techno heater for you to dissolve your brain cells to. The one and only Eli Brown just dropped a new collab with fellow techno destroyer Lilly Palmer called “Gasoline” and let me tell you, this one’s an absolute rager.

I’ve been following Brown‘s releases for a while now after getting turned on to that mean Escape” EP he put out on Insomniac’s Factory93 label back in 2021. This new “Gasoline” track landed on the same esteemed imprint, which makes total sense given how this is pretty much a turnt-up, adrenaline-fueled DJ tool primed to ignite the most rambunctious underground parties.

From the very first kick, “Gasoline” just does not let up. It’s a full-on techno assault of pummeling beats, snarling distorted basslines, and these wild rave synth arpeggios that’ll have you pulling a Gollum face on the dancefloor. And the way Brown and Palmer wield those demented vocal samples is just twisted – one minute they’re burying them under murky filters, the next they’re chopping them up into haunting lingua franca for the techno hellscape they’ve constructed.

Dudes know how to work a build too. There’s this one part where the kicks and hi-hats get vacuumed up by what sounds like a black hole voice until you’re straight up dry heaving for the droppppp…and then WHAM! Air horn cityyyyyy. Absolute primal techno tantrum designed to shatter beer bottles.

Brown’s been putting out some seriously well-rounded dance music the past few years from tech house to deep techno to downright emotional vocal collabs. But “Gasoline” sees him and Palmer fully unhinged in psycho-purebred techno mode. No pretenses, no chill vibes…just blown subs and ruptured mushroom circuits aimed squarely at the darkest, most depraved after-hour havens. Don’t sleep, get gassin’!