Marsh talks about his new single “Warrior” on Anjunadeep

The tune is a tribute to Marsh’s best friend, Jimmy, and his battle against Leukaemia

For electronic music producer Marsh, his latest single “Warrior” is far more than just another release. The uplifting yet goosebump-inducing progressive house track is a musical salute to his lifelong best friend Jimmy. He has been waging a courageous battle against Leukaemia since his diagnosis in 2022.

As Marsh puts pen to paper to describe the inspiration behind “Warrior”, his words transcend the dancefloor. His new song takes the listener inside the beautiful friendship that has defined his life.

“Jimmy is so much more than just my best friend – he’s like a brother to me,” the UK-bred, US-based artist shares. “We forged our incredible bond as kids getting into mischief, playing video games, sports, even discovering the trance music we both fell in love with together.”

Those shared experiences, spanning decades from childhood into adulthood, made Jimmy’s cancer diagnosis hit exponentially harder. Yet in the face of such adversity, Marsh watched his best friend display a resilience and fighting spirit nothing short of heroic.

“His journey battling this disease has been an inspiration, a testament to his strength,” Marsh continues. “I wanted to dedicate ‘Warrior’ to Jimmy as a humble tribute, celebrating the champion he’s been through this incredibly difficult fight.”

The single’s aptly titled, as “Warrior” sees Marsh translating Jimmy’s unyielding spirit into a true progressive house anthem. Waves of ethereal melodies and rapturous builds conjure the emotional capacity of two friends. The record’s most powerful moment hits when the euphoric chords finally reach their peak – a fistpump-worthy salute to Jimmy’s incredible recent news of two consecutive clear cancer scans.

“I’m just so proud of him and grateful to have my best friend, my brother, by my side,” Marsh shares.

With “Warrior” he’s not only paid tribute to their bond through music, but doubled down on his support for the cause. He launched the record with an exclusive event in London donating all proceeds to the charity Leukaemia UK, with another livestream at Kew Gardens likewise raising funds.

As Marsh’s touring schedule ramps up and he prepares for his new “Aria” live show, “Warrior” is sure to be a set centerpiece and reminder of what’s most important – the persevering human spirit and the immeasurable power of friendship.