Parra for Cuva releases ‘Pinie’ ft. Orbit

It is the third song from his highly anticipated fifth studio album in April

Parra for Curve Pinie
Parra for Curve Pinie

Parra For Cuva, a German electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist, releases the third song from his highly anticipated fifth studio album in April. It’s called “Pinie.”

Orbit, a rising DJ and producer, has been tapped by Parra For Cuva to create a seductive sound trip for Pinie. This shows how well the two can work together. The track is the last thing he’s put out before his new record, Mimose, comes out.

Pinie‘ takes listeners into a private and mysterious world, inspired by a deep link made during a retreat in Liguria, Italy.

Nicolas and I crafted the song in a quaint garden shed on the coast of Italy. I remember swaying to the melodies all night, sharing laughter, cigarettes, and the company of my brother Patrick and our friend – Orbit

A sense of wanderlust runs through Parra For Cuva’s music, which takes listeners to faraway places with its beautiful melodies and images. He has made a name for himself as a real artist in the electronic music scene by combining different kinds of music, from Caribbean steel drums to old Zimbabwean instruments.

Each live show is a sensory experience that has been carefully chosen to go with the unique and alien style of his music. The artist has played to sold-out crowds at E1 and KOKO, most recently at Drumsheds for Drumcode on a bill with Adam Beyer, Yotto, Kolsch, and others, and will soon be at Junction 2. It looks like 2024 will be a terrible year for Parra for Cuva.

As people wait for “Mimose” and other releases, Parra For Cuva’s mesmerizing music and captivating performances are ready to captivate audiences all over the world. This creative artist is about to go through a big change in 2024.

Parra for Cuva - Pinie ft. orbit (Official Visuals)