Helsinki duo Heal64 debut on Youth Control with ‘Two’

The ones to watch make their mark with the heartfelt house cut ‘Two’ in collaboration with Jamie A.


The Finnish independent record label Youth Control has, once again, recruited some of the most exciting new school musicians for its most recent signing.

The vocal house track ‘Two‘ is the debut release for the Finnish duo Heal64, and it features the much-anticipated participation of the UK singer-songwriter Jamie A.

Heal64 demonstrate that they are a rapidly ascending duo that should be taken seriously with their new release, which is set to fire dancefloors upon its release on August 4th.

It’s typically a positive sign when a DJ or producer connects with another who immediately has similar likes and influences, like Rufus Du Sol, Fred Again, and Mall Grab. This can be the beginning of something great.

The artists: Heal64 and Jamie A

This was the situation for Heal64, also known as Milo and Aleski, who got to know each other thanks to a common buddy. After getting together in the studio for the first time, they immediately began working their magic and came up with the single “You.”

This track went on to receive backing from Youth Control colleague Roisto both in the club and on the radio.

In addition, Heal64 contributed their one-of-a-kind blend of melodies and atmospheres to an unauthorized remix of ‘Meita Tulee Sattuu’ by the Finnish pop and R&B artist Lauri Haav.

Lauri Haav, who was impressed by their interpretation, took great pleasure in sharing it with his followers, thereby spreading the Heal64 name throughout the world.

On this new track, Heal64 collaborates with Jamie A, a young yet influential musician, vocalist, and songwriter located in the United Kingdom. Jamie A has already collaborated with notable artists like as MJ Cole and Disclosure.

Two by Heal64

Their song ‘Two’ is an emotional house record that features deep, lush bass as well as massive house beats. It is impossible for this performance not to have an emotional and physical influence on the club because of the soursweet chords and delicate voices that are used throughout.

Youth Control is currently on an unstoppable run, releasing sizzling tunes from some of Finland’s most exciting artists throughout the entire year. These talents include Per2, Rony Rex, Roisto, Smok, Noana, and more from Heal64.

Each contributes to the already-improving standing of this independent record label, publishing imprint, and party brand. Its energizing take on house music is consistently in demand among discriminating DJs, as evidenced by the fact that Armand Van Helden, Steve Aoki, Todd Edwards, and many more have all played it on BBC Radio 1.

Heal64 and Jamie A ‘Two‘ is available for purchase right now through Youth Control.