Italian DJ Kayya releases a tech house hit named ‘My Mother’

Milan based DJ Kayya will take you on a mental journey with this intense and groovy track called ‘My Mother’ out via Rambla Records.

Dropped on Phill Guidetti & Ricky Lugli label, better known by their stage name Anderblast, this is the debut record by Kayya on Rambla.

‘My Mother’ is an amazing tech-house record with a serious vocal sample that fits perfectly for both pre-party as well as post party mood. The great work with the percussion is pumped up thanks to the bubbling and thick bassline. All the sounds are perfectly blended together making ‘My Mother’ a must-have for every DJ and lovers o the genre.

You should be familiar with the works of Kayya if you’re into the underground tech house and techno scene. She has created some hot tracks as ‘Karma’, a collaboration between herself and Loris Buono. The record came out on Vee Brondi and Henrell label  Glorie Records.

The first thing that Rambla Records look forward to is the quality of the records and they are very much broad-minded when it comes to exploring talents who produce music that connects with the audience.

Italian based DJ Kayya releases a minimal tech house hit via Rambla Records named ‘My Mother’.

Kayya always maintains a healthy dose of bump and chunk in her tracks, whether it’s techno, tech house or melodic techno. As she continues to push the boundaries of the underground scene, she gives us a reason to believe that such genres are immortal. If you would like to listen to her track, you can stream it below or grab your copy here.