Malandra Jr.
Malandra Jr.
Malandra Jr.

Malandra Jr. presents 4-track EP ‘Precious’, including Adamant Remix on Vision and Illusion

A new metaverse emerges from the harmony of feelings. With his four-track Precious EP, Italian DJ and Producer Malandra Jr. opens the gates to his metaverse.

Malandra creates a memorable intro in Toyou Tome and takes the audience to a whole new level in an emotional but powerful way. Malandra emphasizes emotional balance. The flow of the progression in the song is about the story of the people who cannot come together in the metaverse.

Uplifting melodies rise together dramatically in Romance. Excitement, love, and aggression are all evoked by romance at the same time. The melodic flow creates a dazzling structure.

In Precious, the Italian producer emphasizes that not all dark vibes lead to a darker place. With the first drop of the track, he takes the audience’s mood to new heights over a smooth, hazy groove with deep emotional pads. The bass line in the drop is promising to be one of the VI label’s signature sounds.

Adamant, an Italian duo, adds new dimensions to Toyou Tome in their own unique way. Adamant invites the audience into their own metaverse over a deftly constructed hypnotic groove. The lead they have created for their own remix plays right in the head of the audience.

The three singles and Adamant remix are available for stream and download here or below via Vision and Illusion.