Solemn Eye presents ‘Odyssey EP’ via Vision and Illusion

Featuring ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Ether’ the EP include also remixes by U S H N U and Abstraal

Solemn Eye by Jurgen Rogiers
Solemn Eye by Jurgen Rogiers
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Belgian DJ & Producer, Solemn Eye debuts on Vision and Illusion with mysterious and cinematic EP Odyssey featuring remixes by U S H N U and Abstraal.

It’s Monday and what’s the best thing to do to kick off the week in the right way if not discover some serious melodic-techno gems? Solemn Eye this weekend has presented his new creation, a two-track EP that blends dark techno beats with dreamy melodic soundscapes. Odyssey‘s progression is reminiscent of a spiritual journey, with dreamy pads and infinite arps.

Kicking off with the EP title track, Odyssey starts slowly with visionary arpeggios and minimal beats. The melodic progressions flow through the main theme with hypnotic synth-works and romantic harmonies to increase the energy in the breakdown. From this point, the listener is taken from an infinite dream to a shimmering alternate reality.

Moving a bit away from the dark beats, Ether still keeps the mystical and dreamy vibes of the beginning, with a more feeling-good approach. The non-stop housy percussive rhythm perfectly merges with the mysterious vocal loop and the bewildering basslines. It’s almost as if you’re hearing voices from the future. Elements are like data that are extraordinarily chained to each other as blocks in an infinite space. It is worthwhile to travel to a conquering way of looking at the world of data.

On the B side of the EP, Solemn Eye has welcomed U S H N U and Abstraal for two extraordinary remixes. First up U S H N U creates the ground for an atmospheric gem with a hypnotic baseline and soft and intimate plucked melodies. The clean beat accompanies the main devoted theme on the breakdown that flows into a clean and tidy second drop. The remix combines all of the melodies in a minimalistic but wise manner as if our world and a parallel universe are merging.

Last but not least, Abstraal bring the listeners into the darkest and most hidden places of electronic music. Thanks to his unique perspective, the artist injected profound baselines and unceasing ryhtyhm to create tension and bewilderment. The French duo dives into Ether by traveling through the sound of the future, with a deep progressive structure and a fantastic melody. There are some dark voices present, as well as tribal vibes that let you forget the surrounding environment to teleport you into a new reality.

The whole Odyssey EP is out now via Vision and Illusion and contains, besides Solemn Eye originals, remixes by U S H N U and Abstraal. Download here or stream below.

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