Moglii Mulay
Moglii Mulay

Moglii and Mulay team up for double release ‘Sunliight / Hidden in the Mist’

For their upcoming joint double release ‘Sunliight / Hidden in the Mist,’ German singer-songwriter and former EQUAL GSA cover artist Mulay teams up with German electronic musician Moglii. Mulay’s astounding alternative R&B sounds like it belongs in a separate universe. Mulay aspires to create music that endures in a world of instants. She urges you to immerse yourself in it by taking you on a voyage through the depth of her thoughts with her excruciatingly honest lyrics, seductive soundscapes, and fascinating graphics. The two new singles combine the soundscapes of Moglii and Mulay, in their own words:

Sunliight is a fun, light, wholesome track that we made quite a while ago. It’s about self-acceptance and self-love, about celebrating your achievements, your growth, your body and mind, about not hiding or compromising parts of you and your identity to fit in or to please others any longer. – Moglii

The idea for Hidden in the Mist emerged on a misty summer morning in nature. We were staying in this little house at the edge of a forest, Moglii invited some artists to write new music, we were still awake, jamming and playing around while watching the sunrise through the mist. It was a beautiful, dreamy sight that inspired the hook of the song. – Mulay

Moglii is a Cologne-based producer, vocalist, and jazz pianist with formal training.

He released his debut solo 7-Track-EP named Naboo on Majestic Casual Records in 2017 following the release of his collaboration “Down Under EP” with Novaa in 2016 (whose single “Mother” peaked at #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts).

His music was featured by COLORS, Fresh Finds, and The Sound You Need, among others, and frequently made it to the top 10 of the Hype Maschine Charts.

His subsequent albums “ii” and “Fiire” were released through Humming Records/Neubau Music in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

In addition to his own albums, he writes and co-produces music for other countries’ singers, such as the multi-platinum Australian performer Hayden James and the British singer Elderbrook.

Future Classic is the label that published their featured song, “Remember You.” With the renowned Italian group Eugenio in via di Giorgia, he produced the song “A Meta Strada.” He also collaborated with the Australian singer “Panama” and released a song with the rising German R&B star “Rola.”

By carefully combining warm beats, analog synths, and soulful vocal samples, Moglii invents his own unique genre, “organic electronic,” which is characterized by a contemporary blend. His tracks increasingly use his own vocals in addition to acoustic instruments and a distinctive sound design.