New Music Friday: 10 Songs for February 2024 Week 1

A girl listening to New Music Friday playlist
A girl listening to New Music Friday playlist

Welcome back to another fun New Music Friday! Every Friday, we bring you the newest songs from the world of music. This week, we have a wide range of tracks from different moods and styles, each with its own unique sound and feel. Right away, let’s look at what’s new and exciting.

Discover the latest tunes making waves: “Hit It Back” by Laidback Luke & Gian Varela, “Cash For Love” by Carlita, “Enter Nyx” by Jessica Skye, “Sleepwalker” by GEE LEE x Tentendo, and more. These diverse tracks offer something for every music enthusiast’s taste.

1. Laidback Luke & Gian Varela – ‘Hit It Back’ (MIXMASH RECORDS)

The pulsing beats and catchy flow of “Hit It Back” make you feel happy and energized. This song is great for getting the party going and keeping the party going on the dance floor.

2. Carlita – ‘Cash For Love’ (CIRCOLOCO)

“Cash For Love” has a deep and hypnotic vibe that comes from its catchy tunes and groovy basslines. The track’s sultry mood and catchy beat make it perfect for late-night vibes or private settings.

3. Jessica Skye – ‘Enter Nyx’ (PLATOON)

The ethereal and atmospheric sounds in “Enter Nyx” draw people in and take them on a trip through dreamy soundscapes and enchanting melodies. One of the tracks on this album makes you think and feel, giving you a moment of peace in a busy world.

4. GEE LEE x Tentendo – ‘Sleepwalker’ (MNRK)

Sleepwalker” has a smooth, laid-back vibe that mixes soulful singing with chill beats without any problems. This song makes you feel calm and relaxed, so it’s great for resting after a long day or getting ready for a cozy night in.

5. Parra For Cuva – ‘Mimose’ (PARRA FOR CUVA)

With its soothing and melodic vibes, “Mimose” takes listeners to a peaceful oasis of deep house beats and atmospheric textures. It’s a song that makes you feel calm and thoughtful, taking you away from the busyness of everyday life for a moment.

6. Kölsch – ‘I Talk To Water’ (CamelPhat Remix) (KOMPAKT)

The “I Talk To Water” remix by CamelPhat gives the original track a lot of energy and good vibes that are hard to resist. Because it has driving basslines and happy tunes, it will definitely get people dancing and keep the party going all night.

7. Justin Martin – ‘Make Me Feel’ (Like Dancing) (WHAT TO DO RECORDS)

Make Me Feel” is a happy and uplifting song that makes you feel good. You can’t help but move to this song because of its infectious groove and catchy hooks. It’s great for getting down on the dance floor and letting free.

8. Rebūke feat. Ella Balinska – ‘Digital Dream’ (ERA)

“Digital Dream” has a futuristic and lively vibe, with driving beats and haunting tunes mixing to make an electrifying atmosphere. This song is both fascinating and thrilling, and its soundscape makes you feel like you’re really there.

9. Paris Green, Marvin Gaye, Tammie Terrell – ‘Oh Yes’ (Paris Green Re-Edit) (POSITIVA)

The Paris Green Re-Edit of “Oh Yes” has a classic and soulful feel to it, with modern touches added to Marvin Gaye and Tammie Terrell’s singing. That song will always make you feel better and make you smile, no matter what the event is.

10. GRiMZ – ‘Elastic Heart’ (NITRON)

“Elastic Heart” is full of high-energy, catchy vibes. It mixes pulsating beats with happy tunes to make an electrifying atmosphere. The track begs to be played on the dance floor, where its endless energy and catchy beat will light up the night.

This week’s New Music Friday has a lot of different songs. There’s something for everyone. Your ears will love these songs, whether you like house, techno, or deep vibes. They will keep you moving all weekend. Start up your favorite streaming service, press play, and let the music take you somewhere. Have fun listening!