Tayak unveils remixes for his song “Delirium Tremens”

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With his highly personal first single “Delirium Tremens” out now on SATO Records, Belgian artist Tayak has come on the scene. The song, which came out today with three remix packs, has a deep story about friendship and getting over addiction.

As the artist himself says, “Delirium Tremens” was influenced by Tayak‘s time spent helping a close friend deal with addiction. They had a special bond and went through a lot together, and the emotional play shows that.

Tayak said, “This song means everything to me.” “It shows the most honest moments, the deepest fears, and finally the hope that got us through a very hard time.” “The fact that my friend beat this disease is nothing less than heroic.”

The first version of “Delirium Tremens” came out on March 1, but today Phunkadelica, Senses Of Mind, and Lumoon all put out remix sets of the song. With these new versions, Tayak’s powerful piece takes on new dimensions.

Taminiaux Thomas, A&R at SATO Records, was excited: “I felt this record’s impact from the moment it arrived on my desk.” Tayak really knows how to turn deeply personal events into music. We’re so happy to have “Delirium Tremens” launch his career, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

By working with the well-known SATO label, Tayak has joined hands with a group known for promoting electronic music that pushes the limits. If “Delirium Tremens” is any sign, the Belgian artist is about to go on a musical journey that is as far-reaching as the relationships that inspired it.

You can now hear Tayak’s single and remixes “Delirium Tremens” on all music services. This debut single has a very moving message and is produced very well by Tayak. It feels like it will leave a lasting mark on the dance scene and beyond.