Purified Fragments XVIII cover art showing a group of Mobula rays by Daniel Nicholson
Purified Fragments XVIII cover art showing a group of Mobula rays by Daniel Nicholson

Nora En Pure’s Purified presents Fragments XVIII VA series

The compilation includes Jono Stephenson's epic 'Pathfinder', Wouter Achterberg's lush "Fool Me" and FJ9's "Echos of the Soul"

Purified Records brings you three new tracks in Purified Fragments XVIII, the eighteenth episode in its popular VA series compilation.

Pathfinder‘ by LA-based producer Jono Stephenson mixes innovative and powerful sounds to create an epic soundscape. The melodic track “Fool Me” by Dutch producer Wouter Achterberg soars high, and the closing track “Echos of the Soul” by Chicago’s FJ9 ends the album on a magnetic note.

The cover art of Mobula rays showing a group of Mobula rays

Daniel Nicholson took a beautiful picture of a group of Mobula rays that is part of the Fragment XVIII artwork. A lot of people call mobula rays “flying rays” because they can jump out of the water and sometimes soar several feet into the air before splashing back down. This behavior may have more than one reason, like communicating, mating, or getting rid of parasites. People know them for the big gatherings where hundreds of people get together.

There is something strange about mobula rays’ mouths. The top and bottom of their jaws stick out like a pair of “horns.” These mouth extensions might help them get plankton-rich water into their mouths while they eat. They are on the IUCN’s list of threatened species. Manta rays and their close relatives are protected around the world by groups like The Manta Trust that study, teach, and work for conservation.

Daniel Nicholson is one of the most famous expert underwater photographers in the world. He works on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. He wants to show people the magic and beauty of the underwater world in order to get people to protect it and make changes.

Purified Records team up with Only One for its Fragments XVIII

Want to do more to protect the ocean? Explore Only One is an action platform for the planet that is working to improve the health of the oceans, They are also trying to solve the climate problem with the help of the people.

Purified Fragments XVIII by Purified Records features three new tracks showcasing innovative sounds from artists like Jono Stephenson and Wouter Achterberg. The album’s cover art, featuring Mobula rays photographed by Daniel Nicholson, highlights the beauty of marine life, promoting ocean conservation efforts.