Andrea Martini
Andrea Martini

Andrea Martini teams up with LEOPLD for ‘Burn’ on his Emotive Sound

Emotive Sound founder Andrea Martini is back with a brand new single, Burn, in collaboration with Swedish DJ and producer LEOPLD.

An intimate and deep techno ballade, Burn features a soft and devoted vocal that floats over organic beats and percussive rhythms. Kicking off with a well-defined kick, the track drifts between dark and obscure techno, and angelic arrangements. The different layers create two musical universes that collide on the second drop where hypnotic synth-work seamlessly unfolds from the hypnotic crescendo. From here Burn explores different techno sounds, delivering melodic arpeggio, mysterious beats, and organic synths for an emotive finale.

The release includes also Airbas Remix where the mystical and ethereal vibes have been revisited into something deeper and more cinematic. With the vocal to be the master, this remix of Brun will please the ones who need a more organic-house-oriented version of the original.

Burn is out now on Andrea Martini’s own imprint Emotive Sound. Founded on a cold winter day in Copenhagen, Emotive Sounds is a living creature, always developing and pushing its boundaries. Throughout the years, the label’s ethos has always stayed the same: music brings out emotions, and all emotions are created equal.

Stream and download Andrea Martini and LEOPLD Burn on Emotive Sound here or below.