Newly Opened D-EDGE Rio and D-EDGE Sao Paulo Announce First Events of 2024

D-EDGE club Rio with Charlotte de Witte on the decks
D-EDGE club Rio with Charlotte de Witte on the decks

io’s D-Edge club, sister to Sao Paulo’s renowned venue, boasts a cutting-edge CCD Cultural Center location with a Muti Randolph-designed aesthetic, a massive 2,500 sqm space, and top-tier audio technology, hosting international DJs like Black Coffee and contributing to Latin America’s rising influence in global electronic music.

In November 2023, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a new electronic club, D-Edge opened. Now, after the initial excitement, the club brings the Surreal party with guests like Black Coffee (already on the CRSSD lineup), Gene on Earth, Amine Edge, Beltran, Prunk, Axel Boman, and many more.

The opening of a brand new club in South America shows how the Latin American electronic music scene is taking over the globe. This is not the first time a superclub has opened. In 2021 Surreal opened in Brasil on the Santa Catarina coast.

Meanwhile, the sister club in Rio has a lot planned for January as well. The program includes the always-special series of Carnival events with artists like Sasha, Priku, and East End Dubs.

Rio de Janeiro’s brand new D-Edge club is the sister of the one in Sao Paulo

Inside the brand-new CCD Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro, the new D-Edge club is the center of it all. The building has four floors. It opened on November 11 and, as the name suggests, it is the sister club to the famous club D-Edge in Sao Paulo. It has 2,500 square meters of space, over 2,000 meters of LED strips, and top-notch sound systems. Over 1,000 people came to the first, amazing event to see Belgian star Charlotte de Witte play as a DJ, along with Brazilians Acid Asian, Ethereal, and Morgan.

There are a lot of events planned for 2024. As of January 13, there will be CLOSER by Eli Iwasa with Bea Ferreti, Joyce Muniz, and more. On January 20, there will be Bug Pixel & 4fINEST & D-EDGE Rio with LAMACHE, Juliano Serpa, and Carol Holland.  January 26 will see D-Edge Locals. On January 27, Wooble will present Zegon.

Over in Sao Paulo, the original D-Edge club is also busy with shows in January and February. Artists such as Xzyko (Cl), Flug (Ar), Gene on Earth, The Element, Phonique, The Checkup, and DJ Masda are on the lineup. On February 10th and 11th, Priku, Indira Paganotto, Aretha, Prunk, Sasha, and East End Dubs will all be on the always epic carnival events.

The location: the CCD Cultural Center

The brand-new CCD Cultural Center has four stories and two dance floors on two different levels. It merges music, art, fashion, education, and design. In the city’s port area, there is a top-notch urban space built for culture and innovation. This space is open to artistic and strategic collaboration. It’s meant to share new ideas that will help the city create and develop new products and services.

The CCD affects more than just music. It also works with education, art, street culture, diversity, and inclusion to have a big effect on Rio de Janeiro’s society and culture. In the 1900s the building was born as a warehouse for merchants in the port area. It will now be used for exhibitions, talks, product launches, and panels on topics like sustainability and inclusion.

D-EDGE club is on the third floor and can hold up to 800 people. It has a weekly schedule that changes the music types it plays.

Cutting-edge audio technology and avant-garde video system

The design was done by Muti Randolph, who has worked with Renato Ratier since the beginning of D-EDGE Campo Grande. He is the visual artist in charge of the São Paulo nightclub’s LED project.

The sound system at the venue was designed by Nelson Stanisci for KW Audio. It uses the newest technology available and can produce a maximum sound pressure of 147 decibels. The four-way Line Array system sets it apart. It has subwoofers with 18-inch speakers, mid-bass speakers with 12-inch speakers, middle speakers with 8-inch speakers, and high speakers with 3-inch drivers. The well-known B&C Speakers company makes this system in Italy.