David Guetta is the 4th most listened-to artist on Spotify

David Guetta - Top 100 DJs Winner Performance
David Guetta - Top 100 DJs Winner Performance

David Guetta, a French DJ, and producer, has established a new benchmark by moving up to the fourth spot on the list of musicians that are streamed the most frequently on Spotify. David Guetta, who has over 75 million monthly listeners on the site, has been the first Frenchman to ever attain this number as a result of his breakthrough into the world’s top five with this ranking.

David Guetta is the 1st most listened-to DJs and producer on Spotify

The highly productive DJ has a career that spans more than thirty years, and his music can be found on more than one thousand editorial playlists on Spotify. These playlists include nearly all of the top hits playlists from around the world, such as Today’s Top Hits, which is Spotify‘s flagship playlist in the United States, and Hits du Moment, Hot Hits Brazil, Hot Hits Polska, and Hot Hits Canada.

David Guetta is an unclassifiable talent of international renown, with a string of hits and productions with the biggest stars. Extremely active, he combines tracks that will appeal to all his fans around the world, as well as more electro numbers. He’s never been as prolific as he is today, and his career and track record are impressive – Nicolas du Roy, Head of Editorial France and BENELUX, Spotify.

I’m Good (Blue), which was released in August 2022 and featured Bebe Rexha, and Titanium, which featured Sia, are two of his songs that have already surpassed the one billion stream mark. The musician continues to be the only French musician to have accumulated more than one billion streams on Spotify.