HI-LO and Danny Avila go mainstage techno with ‘PARADISE’

PARADISE,’ Hi-LO and Danny Avila‘s amazing new joint effort, is out now on HILOMATIK. This is one of HI-LO’s most-played IDs of the last year, and for good reason! The melody is instantly recognizable. It samples from Coolio’s highly acclaimed “Gangsta’s Paradise” and Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise.”

The song is a great mix of Danny Avila’s mainstage techno and HI-LO‘s unmistakable sound.

Download and stream Paradise.

HI-LO and Danny Avila are the new faces of what experts call mainstage techno

In just a few years, Oliver Heldens has gone from having a successful career in mainstream dance music to having a much-loved alter ego in the techno world as HI-LO.

The name HI-LO is now associated with cutting-edge, high-quality, hard-hitting, and new techno.

By 2020, his tracks “Zeus” and “Kronos” were two of the ten most-played techno tracks of the year.

As HI-LO, he has played as a DJ at big events like Ultra’s Resistance, Manchester’s Warehouse Project, Austin’s Seismic Dance Event, and San Diego’s Proper NYE.

He has had many standout performances on Drumcode and Filth on Acid label showcases around the world.

HI-LO has become a trusted tastemaker by combining a big room vibe with a dark, underground, raw edge. Beatport crowned HI-LO as the best-selling and most-streamed techno act.

Danny Avila

Techno music with heavy beats has been linked to dark bars for a long time. Down below, basslines snake through bunkers, and kick drums thump through warehouse party spots. But what if this unknown sound could fill the biggest stadiums in the world? Here we go: Mainstage Techno.

Danny Avila’s newest take on techno takes the most powerful parts of the best techno records—the kick, the bass, and the hardness—and makes them more powerful for huge groups. It sounds like the underground music he used to play as a kid, but it’s more aggressive. It feels like cutting-edge techno played deep in a club, but it was made to be played on the main stage.

The song was first played at Tomorrowland’s Around The World event in 2021. Mainstage Techno combines Avila’s underground roots with a huge presence. This is music that was made to be played in front of huge people on big stages.

More than anything else, it’s a journey that takes Avila back to his DJing roots and the songs he loves while adding the knowledge he’s learned from playing for hundreds of thousands of people.