DJ Tennis’ Life and Death label celebrates 10 year anniversary showcases new releases, exclusive mixes, videos, podcasts, editorial content, and a marketplace of label merchandise alongside limited-edition handmade pieces from budding artists

DJ Tennis Life and Death 10 year anniversary
DJ Tennis Life and Death 10 year anniversary

DJ Tennis‘ imprint Life and Death label celebrates the 10 year anniversary launching its brand new portal,

Life and Death has spent the last ten years releasing soulful electronica music helmed by a post-rock aesthetic, and label head DJ Tennis is celebrating this decade milestone by launching

The newly-minted website is a psychedelic portal into the Life and Death universe, from new releases, mixes, and podcasts, to one-of-a-kind merchandise, captivating video imagery, and explorative editorial pieces.

Over the last decade, Life and Death has evolved from a homegrown label focused on Italian talent into an international collective of artists and creatives. The website’s launch marks the imprint’s most extensive and comprehensive platform for promoting projects from Life and Death musicians and creators while fostering connectivity within its local and global communities.

It’s been a very long journey to arrive at our 10 year anniversary, and we are launching the website to celebrate the paths we’ve created musically and artistically throughout this past decade.

Especially now during this global crisis, our Life and Death Passengers subscription is our way of connecting and interacting directly with our fans around the globe. We’re excited to expand our support of the artists and creators we’ve linked up with through our world travels and international events; our Store and Stories sections will amplify our support of the musicians, visual artists, fashion designers, and other creatives that we’ve collaborated alongside, all stemming from our shared love of the music. – DJ Tennis

By signing up for the website’s inaugural newsletter, followers will receive a free download of an unreleased catalog track, and a 10% discount voucher toward purchasing Life and Death garb via the website’s Store section.

In addition to a plethora of public-facing audiovisual thrills, aficionados who want a front-row view into the label’s warped wonderland can join the Life and Death Passengers subscription when it launches later this month. Inspired by DJ Tennis’ multidimensional, out-of-body experiences, and the aural journeys that his imprint’s music takes listeners on, the subscription will cost $8 monthly or $70 annually and will grant unique access to exclusive downloads, early bird ticket sales and giveaways, private workshops and tutorials, sample packs, and limited-edition products.

Life and Death Passengers will receive one advanced digital EP download per month, as well as intermittent unearthed cuts from the archive, and can partake in one private workshop per month curated by the Life and Death team, in addition to video Q&A sessions and giveaways. Subscribers will enjoy special-edition podcasts and mixes, early access to limited-run Store drops, 20 files from DJ Tennis and Mass Prod’s forthcoming sample pack, and exclusive early bird ticket purchasing when events resume.

Life and Death tshirt
Life and Death tshirt

The label’s catalog will be on full display; classics from the archive will be sold via exclusive vinyl releases and cassette tape series, unreleased material will be available for download, and sample packs will be curated by various label artists, with the first pack dropping July 23 from Mass Prod and DJ Tennis jointly. New podcasts will be published every four to six weeks, kicking off this month with an audiovisual experience from longtime friend and music connoisseur Bill Patrick alongside visuals from dreamscape purveyor Aaron Kulik.

The Store section is a far-flung marketplace of label-branded gear alongside an assortment of unique pieces from up-and-coming designers. Each item is handmade, from clothing and skateboards to jewelry and collectibles, and new offerings will drop every eight to ten weeks.

The first installment boasts color-splashed face coverings from Mexican artisan Natalia Aranda, tie-dyed t-shirts and sweatshirts created in conjunction with Belgian-based Lacuna Studios, and a line of t-shirts and hologram collector stickers in collaboration with world-renowned British illustrator Sam Taylor. Los Angeles-based purveyor of bespoke relics Esteban Joseph crafts Sterling Silver USB necklaces shaped like Life and Death’s blackbird logo, complete with a detachable head and customizable options.

The Stories section houses news and release announcements, in addition to serving as a story-telling platform for interviews with label musicians, visual artists, photographers, graphic designers, and fashion couturiers alike. True to Life and Death’s DIY-mentality of championing rising talent, Stories spotlights the creatives affiliated with the brand through organic conversations about artistic inspiration, philosophy, and method.

Later this month, LADTV will launch as a dedicated channel brimming with music streams, mixes, video segments, and playlists. On top of the musical programming, LADTV will grant viewers a ringside glimpse into the lives of the label’s flag bearers; expect to find DJ Tennis flexing his culinary skills or tinkering with his beloved bike.

Each facet of the website speaks to our longstanding dedication to handcrafted artistic curation across all mediums that pushes boundaries, makes you think, and makes you feel – DJ Tennis says.