Epic Games Sells Bandcamp, Now What?

Songtradr Is Now the Owner of Bandcamp

Songtradr and Bandcamp
Songtradr and Bandcamp

Epic Games has announced the sale of Bandcamp, a popular music website recognized for its artist-centric approach, in an unexpected turn of events.

This move comes just 18 months after Epic Games purchased Bandcamp, prompting concerns about the platform’s sustainability and the impact on independent musicians.

The buyer, music marketing startup Songtradr, has big ambitions for Bandcamp, and the music community is excited to see what happens next.

Songtradr’s Acquisition of Bandcamp

Bandcamp has been taken over by Songtradr, a self-described music licensing platform and marketplace. Songtradr stressed their dedication to retaining Bandcamp’s identity as a marketplace and music community that prioritizes artists’ revenue share in their formal statement.

Many artists who have thrived on Bandcamp’s platform, which has long been regarded for its artist-friendly practices, will breathe a sigh of relief with this remark.

Songtradr sees the acquisition as a chance for Bandcamp artists to secure license deals, like as partnerships with Epic Games on projects like Fortnite Radio.

While they have expressed optimism about the acquisition, they have been tight-lipped about whether changes to artist income splits, user experience, or the fate of Bandcamp Daily will occur. Epic Games, for its part, has kept mum on the topic, citing their public announcement.

Layoffs and Restructuring at Epic Games

The sale of Bandcamp is part of a larger restructure at Epic Games that includes the layoff of 16% of its personnel. This is a noteworthy move, given Epic Games’ position as a key player in the video gaming business, having released titles such as Fortnite.

The sale to Songtradr is expected to allow simpler interactions between independent artists and creators wishing to license their music, according to Steve Allison, vice president and general manager of the Epic Games shop.

This decision is consistent with Epic’s intention to focus on its core competencies, such as the metaverse, games, and tools.

Bandcamp United’s Reaction

Members of Bandcamp’s editorial, design, support, and engineering teams established Bandcamp United earlier this year. Pitchfork has reached out to this union for their thoughts on the transaction, and their response will most certainly provide useful insight into how the acquisition will affect the platform and its community.

What Will the Future Bring?

The purchase of Bandcamp by Songtradr raises concerns about the platform’s future. While Songtradr’s dedication to maintaining Bandcamp’s artist-first culture is encouraging, the long-term impact remains to be seen. Independent artists and their supporters will be monitoring for changes in revenue sharing, user experience, and editorial content on the site.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Songtradr and Bandcamp could create interesting prospects for artists to get their music licensed for multiple media, increasing their reach and earning potential. The possibility of working with Epic Games adds another element of excitement to this purchase.