Jack Back, Da Capo & Kitty Amor remix Dennis Ferrer ‘Hey Hey’

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Defected Records celebrates its 25th anniversary with Dennis Ferrer‘s “Hey Hey” remixes featuring Jack Back and Da Capo & Kitty Amor. The remixes honor Ferrer’s Defected legacy while propelling the classic track into new Afro-house realms, marking a milestone for house music enthusiasts.

Defected Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary by putting out a set of extra special collaborative releases.

These songs feature artists from the label’s long history as well as rising stars from the future.

Dennis Ferrer is one of the original Defected House Masters. His work with the famous London label is marked by a huge number of original tracks. They have shaped house music many times, from soul and gospel to Afro and techno.

Hey Hey‘ gets two Afro house remixes from Jack Back and Da Capo & Kitty Amor.

The original version is now known as one of the most recognizable house and Defected songs.

The Jack Back and Da Capo & Kitty Amor remixes

David Guetta, one of the most famous names in electronic music, went back to his house roots with the alias Jack Back. He recorded the number one Defected hit “(It Happens) Sometimes” in 2018.

His remix of Dennis Ferrer’s classic has been teased a lot in his sets. Jack Back also played the song in a live stream on DJ Mag that got a huge response from fans.

Now, the French giant drops the long-awaited “Hey Hey” remix. It features pitched percussion that leads us to moments of tension and smooth, deep release.

Next on the package is a collaboration between South African artist Da Capo and Kitty Amor. He is the boss of the Mahaba Music label and a pioneer of the growing UK Afro-house scene.

The two artists work together to make an unforgettable version of the classic song “Hey Hey.”

The track starts out slowly, building up to growling electronic beats that cut through the sound system with determination.

“Hey Hey” (Remixes) comes out now on Defected Records.