Beonix Festival unveils stuggering first names for 2023

Beonix Festival
Beonix Festival
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This September, let your true self shine through. Get ready for this incredible experience that can’t be avoided! The Beonix festival will be returning to Cyprus this year.

The festival organizers were inundated with overwhelmingly good comments the year before, and as a result, they came to the conclusion that Beonix 2023 needed to be even greater and more remarkable in order to satiate the crowd, which was eager for new feelings and prepare to be revitalized.

The very inaugural Cyprus International Music Festival caused quite a commotion and quickly rose to become one of the most recognized musical events to take place in the Mediterranean in 2022. It left a profound imprint on the attendees’ hearts and prompted a tremendous response from the crowd that was present at the event.

This year, Beonix Festival will take place in one of the ancient coastal cities of Cyprus, and the roster of star DJs will be even more impressive than in previous years.

Beonix 2023’s Central Idea and Overarching Theme

The forthcoming electronic music event will, among other things, focus on renovating and exploring previously unexplored places, such as the 9th planet, as one of its primary themes. This idea forces us to confront the difficulties in how we see both ourselves and the world around us, but at the same time, it enables us to unwind, to get our thoughts out of the way, and give in to more elevated feelings.

As a result, the event planners are in the process of constructing a unique location that will have art installations, communal spaces, and many other entertainment zones. This location will serve as the ideal backdrop for the cutting-edge festival that will feature house and techno music.

Everything will happen in the oldest Cyprus winery. Its history goes back to the XIX century when Cypriots had an opportunity to bring back their wine-making trade to life. This is one of the city’s most peculiar places, which is why festival creators found it an ideal portal to happy days.

Let’s add more hints so you can guess faster than finding the answer down below. 

  • The place is located on the island’s south coast and considered the second-biggest city.
  • Its main sights, besides the winery, are the old carob mill, ancient castle, and a port. The latter plays a vital role in cargo transits. 
  • And the final hint is that this location is considered a European IT capital. For instance, the Cyprus IT Forum takes place in this city every year.

So, if your answer was Limassol – you are absolutely right. This unique city is a mix of ancient and modern worlds.

When will Beonix Festival be held?

Beonix will be ready to welcome the partygoers and dazzle them with a brand-new, dazzling environment of joy and happiness as soon as all of the big music festivals in Europe have come to an end. Within the next few months, Cyprus will play host to a large number of fans of techno, house, and breakbeat who have been waiting for it throughout the entire year.

The festival will begin its run on September 22 and will continue for three nights that will live long in the memory till September 24.

The curriculum is quite time-consuming and rigorous. Every night, the titans of electronic music will shatter the boundaries of the dance floor with the pulsating sounds that they create.

Artists and lineup for Beonix Festival

Don’t let that breath out! A fresh list for the upcoming Beonix competition has already had some of its entries published. In the upcoming autumn, the festival is going to play host to a large number of renowned performers.

Visitors will have the opportunity to hear music from artists such as Innellea, Jan Blomqvist, Brina Knauss, Joyhouser, Karla Blum, Maceo Plex, and the Grammy Award–winning and internationally renowned producer Black Coffee. They will be using turntables on three different stages, each of which will be embellished with unique artistic features.

The preparations are well underway at this point. The 22nd through the 24th of September in Limassol, Cyprus! Do not miss out on this exciting event; tickets are now available.