How Coronavirus has impacted electronic music clubs, festivals and events

A timeline of how the spread of the new Covid-19 Coronavirus has led to the closing and postponing of almost every clubs and events around the world

Resident Advisor, together with Stephen Titmus, has built an interactive map showing how the new Covid-19 Coronavirus has impacted the electronic dance music in regards to closed clubs and canceled or postponed events.

From the first venue, TAG in China on the 15th of February until today’s lockdown that has brought thousands of clubs and events to close their doors, the interactive map shows the incredible evolution in the nightlife with the spreading of Coronavirus. Until the 24th of February, only the Chinese club scene was in lockdown but, with the first cases popping out in Italy, on the 25th of the same day, the Italian Government has shut down, among others, concert halls and clubs in the country.

From that point, the situation escalated quickly with the first clubs closing and postponing events in Japan and the USA. It took about a week that almost the entire nightlife in Europe has been stopped (with the exception of the UK). The biggest clubs in the world started closing and the festivals to postpone their dates.

The rate of cancelation exploded exponentially in values on the 13th of March with 400 announces in one day (see below).

Number of venues impacted by the Coronavirus crisis over time
Number of venues impacted by the Coronavirus crisis over time. Picture via Resident Advisor

The interactive map is and Stephen Titmus’ work. He has used Kepler, Uber’s open-source geospatial analysis tool. You can check it below.

Original article by RA