Ibiza’s OpenLab Second Wave of Artists For OffBeat

Daniel Avery, Call Super, DJ Masda, DJ Python, Optimo (Espacio) and Powder headline

Ibiza Es Vedra Photo by Luca Musella: https://www.pexels.com/photo/un-posto-magico-17528772/
Ibiza Es Vedra Photo by Luca Musella: https://www.pexels.com/photo/un-posto-magico-17528772/

Ibiza’s OpenLab presents OffBeat has been attracting a lot of attention since it provides something that hasn’t been seen before on the White Isle during the beginning of the summer.

Some of the notable people who have performed there are Doudou MD, Paula Tape, Sofia Kourtesis, and Voightman.

OffBeat is now delivering some of the most interesting names in the electronic spectrum with its line-ups for the months of July and August. Some of these names are Daniel Avery, Call Super, DJ Masda, DJ Python, Optimo (Espacio), and Powder.

What’s OpenLab’s OffBeat

OpenLab’s goal with OffBeat is to revive Ibiza‘s reputation as a pioneer in cutting-edge eclecticism, which was one of the island’s defining characteristics when it was initially discovered.

It is a night that features a line-up of extremely innovative performers and takes place in an arts venue that is truly alternative. A place where musicians and clubgoers alike may go to hear extended sets, see new visual art, and be a part of an event that prioritizes music curation, artistic freedom, and an inclusive policy.

What about Ibiza’s NUI?

NUI is a brand new, intimate, and original industrial arts facility in the Arts District just on the edge of Ibiza Town. It is the location of each and every OffBeat party that takes place on a Friday.

In terms of its aesthetic, NUI is more reminiscent of Berlin than it is of the Balearic Islands. The venue is equipped with an amazing prototype Function One sound system, a late license, and extra production, all of which enable immersive AV experiences.

The lineup

OpenLab OffBeat Ibiza 2023
OpenLab OffBeat Ibiza 2023

Next up is the pioneer of techno, Daniel Avery, who will be performing on July 14th with his renowned for being dark and gloomy soundscapes. On July 21st, legendary selector Prosumer will be delivering his extensive collection of classic house and emotional disco. On July 28th, legendary Scottish duo Optimo (Espacio), also known as J.D. Twitch and J.G. Wilkes, will be headlining alongside another legendary artist, David Holmes. Optimo (Espacio) are known for their leftfield selections, which can draw on anything from techno to new wave, Afro to disco.

On August 4th, Japan’s DJ Masda and Powder will be competing against one another for the first time in Ibiza, and the result will be a thrilling combination of mesmerizing grooves from all across the musical spectrum. Call Super will be performing on NUI’s system on August 11th, Roman Flugel will be performing on August 18th, and the hottest DJ Python will be performing on August 25th as OffBeat continues through the rest of the month of August.

OpenLab Radio

OpenLab is a global culture platform that is situated in Ibiza. It was founded by the late great Robert Miles, and it has since been rejuvenated by Quentin ‘TinTin’ Chambers, a pioneering rave promoter. OpenLab is a radio show that broadcasts all over the world via the website openlab.fm and on the radio station 104.4FM in Ibiza. It features a carefully curated mix of experimental electronic music and digital art. OffBeat intends to broaden the scope of the platform’s programming by incorporating live shows into the existing lineup. These live shows will feature thrilling DJ and AV acts.