Lee Foss celebrates 200th release on Repopulate Mars with “Worship Technology”

Lee Foss
Lee Foss

Lee Foss’s newest release is “Worship Technology,” a collaboration with Skonka and TheConnect on Repopulate Mars. The track blends Foss’s signature sound, featuring rough rap lines, old-school voice drops, and futuristic synth work, creating a powerful underground house cut that marks the label’s historic 200th release.

Lee Foss is one of the most recognized artists in the underground house and techno scene; his label Repopulate Mars celebrates its 200th release.

Lee Foss, a DJ, producer, and label head is known all over the world. He has been one of the most important people in the underground house and techno scene for more than ten years.

The dance music legend started some of the most successful record labels in the scene. They include Repopulate Mars, Hot Creations, South Of Saturn, and the soon-to-be-launched North Of Neptune imprint. He continues to lead the industry with innovative finesse. He adds to an impeccable back catalog that will only grow to hold more future classics.

In 2023, Foss had a string of hits with singles like “We So Future” with SPNCR & Awsumo. Lee Foss also produced “To Be Real” with Wuki, “Puppet On A String” with Isabellea & RETNA, and “Cadillac” with Ralf in 2023.

Worship Technology marks the celebration of the 200th song on Repopulate Mars

For his first release of 2024 and the label’s historic 200th release, Foss teams up with LA-based producers and RPM label favorites Skonka and TheConnect to release their undeniably cool hit “Worship Technology.”

This powerful underground house cut is full of Lee Foss’s signature sound. It is bolstered by his own rough rap lines. Those build a dystopian tale and show another side of Foss’ unwavering authenticity.

Worship Technology‘ is a fitting name for the track. The song features old-school voice drops and groove-driven rhythms. They combine the classic elements of house music with the futuristic feel of the pair’s synth work.

This stylish new single is another gem in Lee’s lengthy discography. It’s great for listening at home, in small clubs, or on festival mainstages. It’s also a strong return to Repopulate Mars for Skonka and The Connect after his debut with “Egyptian” in September 2023.

Lee Foss, Skonka, and TheConnec new song “Worship Technology” is out now on Repopulate Mars.