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Mau P

Mau P returns on Repopulate Mars with ‘Beats For The Underground’

In 2024, Mau P achieved milestones including the release of “Beats For The Underground,” residencies at Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub in Las Vegas, and hosting “XXX Radio” on SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution. His diverse endeavors mark an exciting year ahead in the dance music scene.

Mau P is already well into the next year, even though he just finished a huge breakthrough year. He released what might be his most sought-after ID yet, Beats For The Underground. He also announced that he will be a resident at Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas in 2024. Mau P will have a weekly radio show on SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution called XXX Radio as well (pronounced: triple x radio). All of this happened in just one week.

Mau P returns to Lee Foss‘s Repopulate Mars on Beats For The Underground. Repopulate Mars, which released Drugs From Amsterdam as well; they’re the ones who launched Mau P. Most of his sets are full of secret IDs and edits, but Beats For The Underground is the only one that really got people excited. Since Countdown on New Year’s Eve 2022, the song has been a highlight of performances.

A Las Vegas Residency and a Radio show host: 2024 has kicked off with a bang for Mau P

Wynn Nightlife’s entertainment lineup got a new addition this week, Mau P. He announced an engagement in Las Vegas at the famous Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub.

On top of everything else, Mau P’s brand-new radio show, XXX Radio, will start airing on SiriusXM’s Diplo’s Revolution (ch. 53) today, January 28. Each week’s show gives listeners a look into Mau P’s creative mind, with everything from live tracks to studio mixes. The goal of XXX Radio is to teach people about the newest and, more importantly, the next big thing in (tech-)house music. Mau P gives his opinion on where the scene is going on the radio show.

All of this feels unreal. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d get all of these opportunities. I’m so grateful to be given these opportunities to share my art and in so many different ways too. I’ve got big plans for this year, this is a nice first glimpse of what’s in store. Y’all are not ready for everything else that’s to come.  – Mau P

Without question, 2023 was the year of Mau P. The Amsterdam native’s first year on the scene propelled him to the top of the dance music world. A huge 200 million streams were given to Drugs From Amsterdam. This was followed by Metro with Kevin de Vries on Afterlife and other originals like Dress Code, Your Mind Is Dirty, and Gimme That Bounce.

His North American places were sold out. He did solo shows during Miami Music Week and Amsterdam Dance Event.