A brand-new never-heard Avicii official remix has been released

Zac Brown released a remix produced by Avicii back in 2015 of his song ‘Beautiful Drug’


Legends never die they say. This is surely the case of Avicii, the Swedish DJ, composer, producer, and musician who passed away at the age of 28 in 2018.

Some days ago Zac Brown Band released a new remix of his 2015 song ‘Beautiful Drug’You may ask why are we talking about Zac Brown and, why we should care about the remix. Well, the remixer of ‘Beautiful Drug’ is from the one and only Avicii.

This is not the first time new Avicii music has been released after his tragic death. In 2019 a group of producers and songwriters joined forces to develop and finalize Avicii’s final studio album, Tim.

‘Beautiful Drug’ Avicii remix is the first posthumous release in nearly five years.

This has been in the vault for a long time. Before Avicii’s passing, he and I worked together on a song called ‘Broken Arrows.’ And in return, he promised to do a remix on one of my songs. – Zac Brown Band

‘Beautiful Drug’ is part of the group’s 2015 album Jekyll + Hyde.

Listening to the remix you can immediately hear Avicii’s influences. The angelic melodies, the dreamy harmonies, and that country-electronic Avicii’s style are all there.

Talking about Avicii, this is probably not the last work dedicated to him. Academy Award-winning film producer Lawrence Bender is working on a new documentary. The project will feature unreleased footage of the artists as well as interviews with Avicii’s friends and family.

People think they know the story, but they have really no clue as to what actually happened. I feel a profound responsibility to ensure that it’s told accurately and objectively. This documentary will give the audiences a deeper understanding of the brand that left an indelible mark on music and culture. – Orlando John, Bender’s producing partner

Announced in June 2023, there’s not yet a specific release date for the new Avicii Documentary.

Avicii’s legacy sees new light with Zac Brown Band’s release of an Avicii remix, “Beautiful Drug.” Listen below.