Venice (Techno) Carnival with WhoMadeWho and Âme

A techno party in Venice Piazza San Marco during Carnival
A techno party in Venice Piazza San Marco during Carnival

At the Venice Carnival held at Arsenale di Venezia, attendees can expect electrifying performances by WhoMadeWho and Âme, immersive installations, and cutting-edge productions.

  • Event: Venice Techno Carnival
  • Date: Saturday, February 10th
  • Location: Arsenale di Venezia
  • Tickets:
    • General Admission: €110
    • VIP: €180
  • Highlights:
    • WhoMadeWho: “Hybrid DJ Set”
    • Âme: Berlin-based electronic duo
    • Immersive installations and captivating performances
    • Limited tickets are available, book now for an unforgettable experience!

Venice is a place with a lot of history and beauty. Soon there will be a meeting of old and new that has never happened before. In the days leading up to the famous Carnevale di Venezia, the famous Arsenale will be turned into a paradise for electronic music fans from all over the world. It promises an exciting mix of music, art, and heritage.

Perplex is putting together a mesmerizing show at the famous Arsenale di Venezia in partnership with the city government and the organizers of Carnevale di Venezia. The Arsenale, which is right in the middle of the city, is a reminder of how good Venice was at sailing. Its history goes back to the 12th century. The Arsenale used to be a group of shipyards and armories. Now it’s a culture hub where the famous Venice Biennale and many other historical treasures are kept.

Venice Carnival 2024 at Arsenale: the lineup with WhoMadeWho and Âme

In its historic halls on Saturday, February 10, the Arsenale will be alive with activity as immersive installations, cutting-edge productions, and captivating shows take place. A trip through sound and light that you will never forget will begin with live music in two rooms.

WhoMadeWho will be the main act at this important event. WhoMadeWho‘s “Hybrid DJ Set” promises an exciting sound experience. It will blur the lines between DJ sets and live instruments. At the DJ booth, Tomas Barfod is in charge, and his bandmates play improvised vocals, keys, and effects that give each track a lot of raw energy and feeling. The show is part of the WhoMadeWho world tour.

The Berlin-based duo known for their unique take on electronic music has joined WhoMadeWho is Âme. Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann make up the band Âme. Their hypnotic rhythms and soul-stirring tunes have won them fans all over the world. Âme’s energetic acts show their unwavering dedication to sound exploration. They like to break rules and push the limits of what’s possible.

Girl dressed for Carnival in Venice
Girl dressed for Carnival in Venice