Martin Garrix and Third Party in the studio working on the Flashlight ID
Martin Garrix and Third Party in the studio working on the Flashlight ID

Watch Third Party and Martin Garrix debut ‘Carry You’ (Flashlights ID) [VIDEO]

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Carry You” (Flashlights ID) is a highly anticipated collaboration between Martin Garrix and Third Party. The song debuted at the Ultra Music Festival in 2023. It embodies Third Party’s progressive house style, featuring unidentified male-female vocals. The collaboration promises to dominate airwaves and festival stages worldwide.

  • Collaboration: Martin Garrix and Third Party team up for “Carry You” (Flashlights ID).
  • Debut: Premiered at Ultra Music Festival 2023 by Martin Garrix, becoming a live set staple.
  • Style: Reflects Third Party’s progressive house vibe with unidentified male-female vocals.

Martin Garrix and Third Party‘s dynamic partnership is the latest big thing in the world of electronic dance music (EDM). Both artists are known for their electrifying live shows and chart-topping hits.

The amazing Dutch DJ and artist Martin Garrix doesn’t need much of an introduction. Garrix’s rapid rise to fame has made him a major figure in electronic music. He has had a string of global hits and has fans all over the world. Third Party have made a name for themselves with a progressive house sound that fans all over the world love.

The Brilliant “Carry You” (Flashlights ID), The Collaboration Between Martin Garrix and Third Party

Carry You” (Flashlights ID) got its start when Martin Garrix played it for the first time at Ultra Music Festival 2023. The track’s catchy tune and pulsing beats captivated the crowd and sparked rumors that it would soon be available. As is typical for Garrix, the song became a mainstay in his live shows. Over time it draws large groups in with its upbeat energy and catchy melodies.

But “Carry You” (Flashlights ID) didn’t reveal itself fully until Third Party played it at OPIUM Barcelona. Fans were treated to the full version of the track, complete with mesmerizing singing. The song has all the elements of a classic Third Party track: catchy tunes, driving basslines, and rhythms that make dance floors jump.

What makes “Carry You” (Flashlights ID) unique is how smoothly the male and female vocals blend together. It gives the already electrifying song more depth and feeling. The vocalists’ identities are still a secret, which adds to the mystery and keeps fans guessing.

Notably, this project brings Martin Garrix and Third Party back together after working together on the exciting track “Lions in the Wild.” Their previous work together set a high standard. It combined Garrix’s love of catchy tunes with Third Party’s mastery of progressive house production. The duo hopes to exceed expectations once more with “Carry You” (Flashlights ID). The song is set to rule the radio and festival stages alike.

Fans are getting more and more excited for “Carry You” (Flashlights ID) allegedly to come out on Martin Garrix’s imprint label, STMPD.