Mind Against and Dyzen join WhoMadeWho on “Children” remix

Mind Against
Mind Against

Mind Against and Dyzen team up with the famous Danish trio WhoMadeWho to remix their hit song “Children.”

The famous Italian pair and rising melodic techno star changed the track. They added their signature arrangement of shimmering synths, pounding bass, and a euphoric breakdown.

Children is now the perfect fit for late nights and early mornings. Now you can get “Children (Mind Against & Dyzen Remix)” from The Moment label.

WhoMadeWho is excited to add another well-known artist to their list of remixers. The trio continues to write the next chapter in their long and successful career.

Mind Against and Dyzen are the latest electronic artists to work on WhoMadeWho originals. They join the likes of Rüfüs du Sol, Patrice Baümel, Jennifer Cardini, &ME, Black Coffee, Frank Wiedemann, DJ Tennis, and many more.

Mind Against and Dyzen remix takes the original to a whole new level.

Along with working on their new record, WhoMadeWho is currently on a world tour. It has been described as “groundbreaking and unforgettable.”

The band has worked with the famous architecture firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) to create an enthralling stage design.

Starting in late 2023 in Istanbul, New York, and Los Angeles, the band is now getting ready to take their new setup to Paris, London, San Francisco, and Copenhagen.

Mind Against is an Italian brother pair.

They’re known for their unique take on melodic techno and other styles.

They just recently presented their new label HABITAT.

Mind Against studies the endless possibilities that lie at the point where music, art, and technology meet by embracing new ideas and creativity.

This feeling fits right in with WhoMadeWho’s goal of pushing the limits of music.

Children is a song about the people on the dance floor, at the club. Mind Against are kings of the club in their own special way, and we felt it was a match in heaven, asking them to do a remix of this specific song, turning our quirky 80ties track into a modern deep techno anthem. – WhoMadeWho

The collaboration transforms “Children” into a modern deep techno anthem, merging WhoMadeWho’s quirky 80s vibe with Mind Against and Dyzen’s signature synths, bass, and euphoric breaks.

The remix, now available on streaming platforms, elevates the track for late nights and early mornings.

Fans can now listen to the “Children (Mind Against & Dyzen Remix)” on all streaming services.

As WhoMadeWho goes on their groundbreaking live tour, the future of live music and electronic music is being made, and they are at the front of it.